Santa’s List Day

Did you know there’s an official day for making out Santa’s list? Today, December 4, 2015, is Santa’s List Day. The interpretation of the unofficial holiday varies from site to site.

Santa’s Naughty or Nice List

One way to view, Santa’s List Day is to imagine him sitting at his large, old oak desk at the North Pole. Do you the image in mind, yet? Picture the newly fallen snow blanketing the entire area around Santa’s workshop and the reindeer stables. Better image? Now, imagine him picking up a magical white feathered quill to makes his list of who has been naughty and nice. As he writes out a name, the ink will glow Christmas green for nice or a candy cane red for naughty. Most years, the Christmas green is overpowering the red. Where will you name be?

Your Personal Christmas List

Another way to view Santa’s List Day is to make your own Christmas wish list. If you could get any wish this Christmas, what would you ask Santa for? Mine….peace for all mankind. I think the world needs a little Santa magic.

Did you make out Christmas lists as a child? I did. To this day, I believe in the wonderful magic on the holiday season. My childhood Santa list usually consisted of toys, a horse and a goat. I know what a combination to ask from Santa. Well, I usually did get a couple of toys from the list. We would also receive new clothes. I never did get the pony or the goat. Of course as an adult, I can understand why that wish was never fulfilled.

If you have children, I think Santa’s List Day could be a fun addition to your holiday season. Prepare the lists together. Of course if you are anything like my mom, she started her Christmas shopping months in advance. (She still does, well we both do now). I think making Christmas list could be a family fun project. You could be as simple as using a piece of paper and pen. Or you could make an entire art project out of the day. I think the most important part is the time spent interacting with your family.

Until next time….peace.

Take a Hike Day

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.”

–Henry David Thoreau –

“In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson –

Today, November 17, 2015 is considered to be “Take a Hike Day”.

I love hiking. The trails I take are not long or hard. But I get to go out and enjoy nature. I always take photos along the way. For me, the time spent outdoors gives me a chance to unplug from my computer and just relax. I also find my imagination works over time when I am outdoors which always helps in my writing.

Until next time….peace

Have a Party With Your Bear Day

Today, November 16, 2015 is “Have a Party with Your Bear Day.” I love these unofficial holidays. I use love sitting up my bears to have a party inside a homemade tent. Spending time outdoors in the tent was the best part of lazy days of summer. My mom would help me construct the tent over the clothes line with three old blankets- two for the side and one for the floor. I would stay out there for hours.

I had tree bears that were my favorite toys. Let me tell you, these bears were well-loved. Two of the bears- a fuzzy brown bear and a Polar Bear were gifts from my grandparents when I was just born. The other brown bear was actually something I won. (Honestly, I think the stuffed bear is the only thing I have ever won).

The local bank was having a contest where you could get a key to try and unlock a small treasure chest. There was no age limit to participate. Can you imagine my excitement when my key unlocked the chest? Inside the chest were a variety of little white envelopes. I can imagine trying to figure out which one to pick. But I finally decided to pick out the one in the middle. I remember, everyone telling me the other envelopes were probably cash prizes. But I didn’t care; I had the best prize, a new brown bear. My best friend from childhood, JJ was with me at the time which makes the memory even better. (He died of cancer when we were 14). On the way home, we placed the bear between us in the backseat of the old van. We thought we were the greatest.

I was so excited to get the bear to go with my other two; the brown bear was their new friend. I remember, spending the entire next day outdoors in my tent. I mean, my bears and I were having a party. My peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Kool-Aid was a fancy party meal.

I still have all three bears. They are sitting on my dresser still watching over me after all these years.


Operating Room Nurse Day

Today, November 14, 2015, is Operating Room Nurse Day. I give all nurses in the world my highest regard. I know I could never perform the job in a satisfactory manner. I am just too nervous of a person.

My great aunt, Flossie was a surgical nurse for part of her career. Her nursing career was inspired by my grandfather. When he was younger, his fingers were taking off in an accident. My aunt Flossie accompanied him to the doctor. She was curious not squeamish during the care of my grandpa’s injured hand. She was able to watch the entire procedure. The doctor told her; she should become a nurse.

Flossie working in Detroit
Flossie working in Detroit

And that is exactly what she did. She said, “The experience was the best time of her life”. She received her nurses training, than started out in Detroit. Where she worked for about four years until she came back to Clinton Memorial Hospital in St. Johns, Michigan, the hospital is where she would work until retirement.

Flossie with one of her smallest patients.
Flossie with one of her smallest patients.

The nurses lived together, traveled together and worked together. They were her second family throughout her career and after retirement.

Flossie with her fellow nurses
Flossie with her fellow nurses

I always admired her occupation. I admire anyone who does the job today.

Until next time…..peace

Author’s Day

Today, November 1, 2015 is Author’s Day. I was once asked, “Who is your favorite author?” My rather bold response was me. Even though, at the time I was a teenager and my writing was so…bad. I put my dreams away to be a writer for the longest time. Until last year, I started writing again with the realization, I love the way the words flow onto the page. Who knows, maybe one day my name will be on a published book; a dream come true. (Actually the dream is closer to reality than I had ever imagined possible).

Until then, I write my blogs and journals. I also write for others, mostly content with a couple magazine articles in review. (I mean, I do have to pay my bills). The work is tedious at times. But I love the structure, meeting deadlines, and having others review my writing style.

Back to the question…..who is my favorite author? I honestly cannot pick one. My shelves are lined with Charles Dickens, Jane Eyre, Mark Twain, JRR Tolkien, various anthologies, and of course a more up to date authors like J.K. Rowling and anything related to Star Wars.

Now, who is your favorite author???

May Ray Day

Today, May 19th is considered to be May Ray Day. I had to research this “unofficial” holiday. I had never heard of May Ray Day. The purpose of celebrating the day is to get people outdoors and enjoy the sun rays. I love the idea of having an excuse just to go outdoors. For those who know me, I am advocate for unplugging and spending a little time outside each day.

Here in Michigan, the weather is not “May Ray” Day friendly. Yesterday, was warm and in the mid-eighties. Today is 20 degrees colder, cloudy, windy, and threatening rain. The weather outdoors is just gloomy all over.

At least, the upcoming Memorial weekend looks to be better which is good. Holiday weekends bring a lot of tourist travel to the entire state boosting the economy. I like the idea of families spending time together, getting outdoors and having fun.

Until next time….peace

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Today, January 21, 2015 is Squirrel Appreciation Day.  I enjoy unofficial holiday that involve nature and wildlife.  Squirrels can be viewed almost any time of year here in Michigan. Being surrounded by woods, I get the view the nut burying little creatures all the time.

Michigan has a variety of squirrels. The Fox Squirrels, Gray Squirrel, Northern and Southern Flying Squirrels.  Under the squirrel category for Michigan are the Eastern Chipmunk, Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel and the Woodchuck.  Even though I never really considered the Woodchuck to be a squirrel but I can see why he is in this category.


I usually come in contact with the little Red Squirrel.  The little scampering tree creature seems to “voice” his opinion every time I enter the woods.  As I am trying to photograph a bird or a landscape scene, the Red Squirrel will chatter at me.  The chattering is a way to alert the rest of the woodland creatures, there is an intruder.  The Red Squirrel shaking his tail at me will scamper up and down the tree.  Squirrels use their tails to distract predators.

I often have squirrels at my bird feeder which is why I put out extra corn cobs just for them. Many people will try to make elaborate obstacle courses to keep the squirrels away from the seeds.  In my experience, the squirrels figure out a way to bypass everything and eat the seeds.  So, I just add extra for them to eat during the wintry months.


Of course, this squirrel looks like he has visited the feeder a lot.

*Note about the featured image.  The squirrel is hiding from my cat behind my wicker chair on my front porch.  The cat had no interest in the squirrel, but he walked unto the porch causing the squirrel to take shelter.  I could hear the squirrel chattering loudly.  So, I grabbed my camera to go and investigate. Once I ushered my cat through the front door, the squirrel went back to the feeder.