Operating Room Nurse Day

Today, November 14, 2015, is Operating Room Nurse Day. I give all nurses in the world my highest regard. I know I could never perform the job in a satisfactory manner. I am just too nervous of a person.

My great aunt, Flossie was a surgical nurse for part of her career. Her nursing career was inspired by my grandfather. When he was younger, his fingers were taking off in an accident. My aunt Flossie accompanied him to the doctor. She was curious not squeamish during the care of my grandpa’s injured hand. She was able to watch the entire procedure. The doctor told her; she should become a nurse.

Flossie working in Detroit
Flossie working in Detroit

And that is exactly what she did. She said, “The experience was the best time of her life”. She received her nurses training, than started out in Detroit. Where she worked for about four years until she came back to Clinton Memorial Hospital in St. Johns, Michigan, the hospital is where she would work until retirement.

Flossie with one of her smallest patients.
Flossie with one of her smallest patients.

The nurses lived together, traveled together and worked together. They were her second family throughout her career and after retirement.

Flossie with her fellow nurses
Flossie with her fellow nurses

I always admired her occupation. I admire anyone who does the job today.

Until next time…..peace

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