Save the Frogs Day 2016

“What is there to life

if a man cannot hear the lonely cry of a whippoorwill

 or the arguments of the frogs around a pond at night?”

Chief Seattle, 1854

Today, April 30, 2016, is Save the Frogs day. I love listening to the frogs. When I hear the sounds of frogs croaking loudly, I know warmer weather is being ushered in. I look forward to their beautiful sounds after each long winter. The different croaking sounds create a song over the nearby fields, ponds, and river flats that surround my house.

Frogs serve as an important role in our fragile ecosystem. In tadpole form, the growing frogs keep water areas clean from over growing algae. As the little frogs grow into adulthood, they begin eating insects as part of their diet. The consumption of insects is important in keeping the potential spread of diseases down.

For example, mosquitos have been known to transmit diseases to humans. Frogs help in keeping the mosquito population down. Without frogs, mosquitos and other insects would be out of control. An increasing population of insects would create serious pest control problems for humans.

Frogs are also known as an indicator species. When the frogs’ living environment becomes polluted, the results will be easy to view in the frogs’ offspring. The new frogs will be born with abnormalities which provide a warning to humans living in the same area. Protecting the frogs’ natural environment will, in turn, protect humans.

Honestly, I cannot imagine the world without frogs that let me know the Earth is awakening after a winter slumber.

Until next time….peace….


Covered Paths

Spring is finally bringing warmer weather. I love being outdoors. I am slowly trying to get my yard cleaned up. I am designing a fairy garden out front. It’s going to be a slow process but I hope my vision comes together.

With the melting snow and the rainy weather, the back paths are covered with water. I cannot get back to the bridge to view the different wildlife.

A little muskrat swimming down the back path, I usually walk to the back bridge.
A little muskrat swimming down the back path, I usually walk to the back bridge.

At least, some of the little creatures were enjoying the water covered paths. The muskrats were out and about. I found them a complete joy to watch as they scampered around the paths.

I really think he was telling me to stop taking his photo while he was eating. lol
I really think he was telling me to stop taking his photo while he was eating. lol


Until next time…peace

Just Another Spring Day in Michigan

Most of the time, I find Mother Nature endearing. I love Michigan’s changing seasons. With that being said, I want warmer weather. I know I get what I get.   But today with the mixture of heavy snow, freezing rain, and sleet I must admit I am ready for warmer weather.

My poor early blooming flowers are looking pathetic under the weight of the snow and ice.

With that being said, I must admit I am grateful (despite the dreary day) I started a warm fire and spent the rest of the day doing what I love most….writing.

At least, the updated weather forecast shows signs of improvement, I just would like to spend some extra time outdoors without being cold and wet.

Until next time….peace

Happy National Siblings Day

Today, April 10, 2016, is National Siblings Day. I am lucky enough to have two younger siblings. Over the years, our family has grown with spouses, nieces, and a nephew. We try to get together when we are able especially on holidays.

A recent picture of the three of us
A recent picture of the three of us.

Along with the traditional additions, our family has added friends as members; allowing more children (well some of them are actually adults now) to call me, “Aunt”. I know in the past, I had a couple people make comments on why I let so many kids call me their aunt. Personally, I do not see the harm. I get notes on social media or pictures to hang on my fridge. Really, what else can I ask for in life?

So, Happy National Siblings Day to everyone!

Until next time……peace