Vintage Photo: 16 Mile Hike at Maleas, Greece

With the stay-at-home order extended here in Michigan until May 15th, I have lots of time to sort through old photos and clippings. Now, this photo was found in my grandfather’s stuff. On the back in his handwriting reads, “Flossie’s friends.” Flossie, a surgical nurse, born in 1899 was his older sister.

The back of the photo provides further information in handwriting that I do not recognize.

“Coming back from a 16-mile walk to the top of the mountain at Maleas, Greece. November 1st, 1928.”

After a quick Internet search, I realize the photo refers to Cape Maleas, Greece which is absolutely beautiful. I have officially added the site to my bucket list.

What do I notice and wonder about the photo?

  • Other than the guns, I do not view any other types of provisions.
  • The man with the cap is smoking a cigarette which was normal for this era.
  • Who is taking the photo? Perhaps, the provisions and hiking gear is with that person.
  • They seem to be in good spirits after hiking 16 miles.
  • What are their names?
  • How did they know my Great Aunt Flossie?

Tell me what you think?

Until next time…peace



Here Comes the Train

I admit, my knowledge of trains is minimal. I cleaned up this old negative to the best of my abilities. The negative was covered with a substance. I am assuming something was spilled on it at one time.

When I see old trains, I immediately think about train robbers, heists, and heading out to the West coast for a new life. I am pretty sure this train is from the 1940’s or 1950’s. The rest of the negatives and photos from this estate had those dates.

If anyone has any knowledge of trains, I would love to learn more.

Until next time…peace

Erie Canal Near Rochester

Working on photos provides me with a glimpse of the past. I am able to see a point in time. I love everyday photos from average people who may be on vacation or just out for the day. I absolutely love this old boat. The details from the photo read, “Erie Canal, near Rochester, NY, 1960″. So if anyone has any further information. I would love to hear from you.

I wish I knew more about the wooden barge. I am assuming the boat took passengers down the Erie Canal for tours. After research, I found day tripping is extremely popular around the area. (Yes, that’s now on my bucket list). I found a couple books with images from the past that I may need to add to my collection. But until then, I will just admire the photo.

Until next time…peace

Vintage Photo: Old Airplane

I keep slowly working through my box of negatives. Despite my research, I cannot tell what type of plane is in this photo. For me the photo contains little information, I am sure other people with aircraft knowledge can immediately identify the plane. The signs in the background are basic: “scrap container”, “keep this area clear”, etc. So, I could not gather any further clues.

If I were to guess, I would say the gentleman in the photo is an investor, banker, or even the owner of the plane.

Feel free to search my other old transportation photos, just view my website. 

Until next time….peace

Borrowed Time

While visiting a small retail store, I overheard two ladies chatting relatively loudly about their lives in the aisle. The ladies began with the normal idle conversation, bidding each other hello with all the niceties that go along with idle chatting. The one silver-haired lady couldn’t believe that almost two years had passed since their last encounter.

The other woman who was probably in her early 50’s began to unfold her story. At this point, I didn’t want to look too obvious. So, I slowly moved to the next aisle. I can’t help myself, I love listening to stories. I know eavesdropping is rude. But in my defense, they were not using hush voices and I was legitimately shopping.

The younger woman began to explain, she had to have a lung removed due to cancer. The ordeal came as a surprise. But, “you’ve never smoked,” the older woman said with surprise.

“Smoking is only one cause, who knows why these things happen” she continued to explain. She went on to tell the rest of her story. Apparently, a short time after the lung ordeal, she started experiencing bad headaches. Even though, she had gone through a variety of testing, no evidence of anything was detected. Finally, she demanded further extensive testing. She gave a fancy name for the test but I cannot pronounce the word or even begin to spell it out.

Well, the advanced testing revealed a brain tumor. The test was conducted in the morning, by the after she was admitted to the hospital for surgery. At this point, the lady actually laughed over the situation. She continued to explain, the doctor couldn’t believe she actually drove herself to the consultation.

After the brain surgery, radiation began. The medical experts gave her only six months to live. Once again, the woman just laughed. “Well, that was almost two years.” She giggled like a young child discovering something new. “I am living on borrowed time then again we are all living on borrowed time.”

She furthered explained that all her life she did everything right. She never smoked, rarely drank, paid her bills on time, and continuously saved money. She was invited to go on a trip to Hawaii to visit family members. Even though she had a place to stay upon arrival, her first reaction was no. But then she decided to put the plane ticket on her credit card and just go. At the end of the conversation, she revealed she was happy she made the trip. “There’s nothing more spectacular than sitting on a glorious beach and enjoying a Hawaiian sunset.”

In my opinion, we get so caught up in the “right” way to live that we forget to enjoy life. Media tells us what to buy, what to eat, and how to live our lives in the correct manner. I am not suggesting you become irresponsible and not pay any of your bills. But I do think you should take the time to enjoy the simple things in life. Go for a walk, visits friends and family on a regular basis, attend local parades, festivals, and other interesting events. Along the way, take a moment and enjoy a spectacular sunset. Soon, the borrowed time will be over.


Until next time…peace



Old Slides

I have been working on some old slides that I recently bought. When I picked up the boxes, they read: “my European trip”. I am really interested in these photos. I am hoping to find out more information as I continue to turn them into images. But I thought I would share a few to see if anyone can recognize the sites or provide other information.

I would assume this is a private airport or small air strip.
I would assume this is a private airport or small airport.

Another set of the slides focused on a tennis match. Now from the names on the back of the billboard sign I am able to read some of the names. I cannot tell which court, they were playing on. But from the names, I was able to figure out the slides were probably from the late 50’s or early 60’s.

Outside the tennis stadium? Does anyone know the recognize the building? I do not have any knowledge about tennis.



Tennis Match



I will share more as soon I finish turning them into prints.

Until next time….peace





The Milan Cathedral

I recently purchased some negatives from an estate sale. Unlike photographs, I really cannot tell the subject matter of the negatives until I start turning them into images. I usually save the negatives for the winter months when the weather keeps me indoors. But, I could not sleep last night (too much caffeine). So, I decided to “play” with some photos.

One of the first images, I produced was this beautiful cathedral. After researching different architectural structures, I found out this is the Milan Cathedral in Italy. The structure is beautiful. I wish I could fly there right now to view the spectacular place. The Milan Cathedral is 5th largest church in the entire world. We definitely do not have anything that amazing around here. Here are some other facts:

  • The Milan Cathedral is the second largest church in Italy.
  • The cathedral is dedicated to St. Mary of the Nativity.
  • The Italian Gothic cathedral took over six centuries to build. Originally started in 1386 and finished in 1965.
  • The cathedral has a capacity of 40,000.
  • The cathedral is made out of Candoglia marble.
  • The cathedral holds the seat of the Archbishop of Milan which is currently Cardinal Angelo Scola.

The old image I revised does not even come close to showing the beauty of the place. As a person who loves history, I definitely would like to visit the Milan Cathedral. I was on their official website. ( The cathedral holds various events including organ concerts, Concert by the Choir of Duomo di Milano, and Concert for violin e violcello. The concerts and the guided tours would keep me there for days.

Until next time…..peace


Glimpse of the Past

“Look back, and smile on perils past.” –Walter Scott

I have been spending the last couple of days working on some old  negatives. The negatives were in a box that was among my grandfather’s belongings. I am slowly trying to scan and organize them. I wish I knew more about the photos, the trip and the overall experience.

I do know my grandfather would take his mother and sisters up to Canada to visit relatives: the Hewitt’s. So I am assuming some of the photos are from this experience and trip.

This particular photo is actually Mackinaw Island which is here in Michigan between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.. After some much needed help from my social media page, the photo was taking looking down from the Grand Hotel. You can actually see the Chippewa Hotel clearly. I cannot pinpoint the year or approximately the year the photo was taking. I am still researching.

I find these old photos of the past intriguing. The photos show the best of what the family went through during the hardest times.

Until next time…peace….

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Go Birding Day

Today, April 25, 2015 is “Go Birding Day”. Other wards, the entire day is dedicated to watching our fine feathered friends. I am an avid bird watcher. I never started out as one; bird watching is form of recreation. Recreation is all about finding an activity to while not at work or meeting any other responsibility that seems to full our daily lives.

Over the last two years, I really have begun to enjoy all aspects of  bird watching. I never thought I would be the person who would actually go searching for a particular bird to view and photograph. My area in Michigan had a wet start with lots of standing water which brought a lot of new birds to my area. I have always enjoyed being outdoors and photographing wildlife; bird watching was just a new component of this activity.   Bird watching is also an activity that my mother can join.

Equipment Needed for Bird Watching

The great thing about bird watching is that the type of equipment you invest in is up to you.  You can simply take a walk through your local park or hiking trail and try to figure out which little featured creature is making chirping noises in your direction.  Or if you really want to get into the activity you can buy expensive spotting scopes.

These are the items that I take with me:

  • A pair of binoculars
  • My camera which actually travels everywhere with me.
  • a field guide (I know a lot of people use apps which is great, but mom and I like looking at the book to see what species we are viewing.)
  • Pencil and notepad (I take this along to jot notes; I use a lot of my experiences for writing and I want to remember everything that I view).
  • Water (I have recyclable container that hooks to my camera bag. It is important to stay hydrated while out walking around especially if you are in a wooded area).
  • Cell phone (I turn mine on silent while I am out walking. Accidents can happen; a slip and fall can ruin your hike. A cell phone is just extra precaution in case of emergency).

Know the Area

I am fortunate.  I live in a rural area which is surrounded by wetlands along side the Maple River; the common Michigan river flats are all around me.  I spend a lot of time on the back property where I can view numerous birds and other wildlife.  But I do like to venture out into other trails and preserves.  When I am getting ready to go to a new trail, I download the map either to paper form to have with me or to my phone.  I know a lot of the trails are marked, but I like the extra precaution.


Remember to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.  The trails can be long; you want to make certain that you are comfortably dressed.  Also, obey the signs; the signs are there for your safety.

These are only a few aspects of bird watching. Have fun and be safe as you look for that rare species which only turns up doing summer months when the birds migrate back to the area.


National Picnic Day

According to Giftypedia, today is National Picnic Day. I like unofficial holidays that promote being outdoors. Of course, here in Michigan a picnic would be a very cold venture. The last couple days have brought wind and even a little snow.  But the weather is normal for springtime in Michigan. The forecast shows warmer weather on the horizon.

I love the idea of spending a lazy afternoon outdoors on a warm summer day with a picnic basket (and a camera). As an adult, I think the concept of having a picnic is almost a romantic notion.

When I was a child, we would always have picnics when we went traveling up north. The day before our travels, my mother would buy a bucket of chicken.  The chicken would be our main treat on the picnic.  My mom would make potato salad or macaroni salad as a side dish.  She would allow for chips and pop as a special treat.

We would leave early in the morning, My siblings and I packed in the back of the car, the first main stop would be Mackinaw. After reaching the Mighty Mac, we wold unpack for a picnic which was always at the park right by the bridge. We would eat and wander down to the water where seeing the Mackinaw Bridge up close was an awesome sight. I even took pictures back then.

So, where is your favorite place to have a picnic? Do you have memory to share?

Until next time….peace….