Glimpse of the Past

“Look back, and smile on perils past.” –Walter Scott

I have been spending the last couple of days working on some old  negatives. The negatives were in a box that was among my grandfather’s belongings. I am slowly trying to scan and organize them. I wish I knew more about the photos, the trip and the overall experience.

I do know my grandfather would take his mother and sisters up to Canada to visit relatives: the Hewitt’s. So I am assuming some of the photos are from this experience and trip.

This particular photo is actually Mackinaw Island which is here in Michigan between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.. After some much needed help from my social media page, the photo was taking looking down from the Grand Hotel. You can actually see the Chippewa Hotel clearly. I cannot pinpoint the year or approximately the year the photo was taking. I am still researching.

I find these old photos of the past intriguing. The photos show the best of what the family went through during the hardest times.

Until next time…peace….

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National Picnic Day

According to Giftypedia, today is National Picnic Day. I like unofficial holidays that promote being outdoors. Of course, here in Michigan a picnic would be a very cold venture. The last couple days have brought wind and even a little snow.  But the weather is normal for springtime in Michigan. The forecast shows warmer weather on the horizon.

I love the idea of spending a lazy afternoon outdoors on a warm summer day with a picnic basket (and a camera). As an adult, I think the concept of having a picnic is almost a romantic notion.

When I was a child, we would always have picnics when we went traveling up north. The day before our travels, my mother would buy a bucket of chicken.  The chicken would be our main treat on the picnic.  My mom would make potato salad or macaroni salad as a side dish.  She would allow for chips and pop as a special treat.

We would leave early in the morning, My siblings and I packed in the back of the car, the first main stop would be Mackinaw. After reaching the Mighty Mac, we wold unpack for a picnic which was always at the park right by the bridge. We would eat and wander down to the water where seeing the Mackinaw Bridge up close was an awesome sight. I even took pictures back then.

So, where is your favorite place to have a picnic? Do you have memory to share?

Until next time….peace….

Zehnder’s Snowfest

Unplugging yourself from the computer and other electronic gadgets can make a world of difference.  Yesterday, I was restless; cabin fever kicking in.  For the first time, I attended the Zehnder’s Snowfest in Frankenmuth, Michigan.   The Snowfest was interesting.

The streets were lined with small ice carvings.  The main ice craving was in an awning, the scene was of a kitchen. The details were amazing from the flipping of the eggs in the pan to the fan up in the window.  I loved the creativity and art work

.Ice sculpture 2


The snow carvings were line up down in two different areas.  Unfortunately some of the snow sculptures cracked or fell due to the above freezing weather on Saturday.  But I was still able to view some of the fantastic work.  You can definitely tell a lot of time and effort goes into creating and designing these snow sculptures.

This one received 1st place.
This one received 1st place.

I stopped and witnessed an ice sculpture come to life. The two ladies worked really hard to get the ice sculpture done in a certain time frame.  The details are incredible.

Ice carving competition.
Ice carving competition.

The streets were lined with people who were happy to get out and walk around despite of the cold weather.  I did visit a couple of shops.  I am going to have to go back when the weather is warmer.  I would like to spend an entire afternoon exploring all that Frankenmuth has to offer.  I had not been to the town in numerous years.  I would like to take in the sights and appreciate the local history.

There were several horse drawn wagons going down the Main Street. Beautiful sight.
There were several horse drawn wagons going down the Main Street. Beautiful sight.