Babe In the Woods

Beautiful sunny day here in Mid-Michigan!

Sometimes an early morning sighting can make your entire day. The fawn was just as curious about me as I was about her (or him). I am assuming she came out into the clearing because the mosquitoes and other pesky insects were bothering her.

She was the first fawn I have been able to photograph this summer so far. I was really happy, she just stood there.

Now, if I just figure out what the other noise was? The high pitched sound echoed in the wooded area.  The brush and other foliage is too thick for me to venture in there. I guess, I will have to put a trail cam up.

Until next time…peace

Stormy Day

Phone rings. The answering machine picks up. From the open window, I hear my mother’s voice:

“Stop taking pictures of the storm and get in your house. I refuse to explain to the doctor why you were struck by lightning.”

Yes, I went back in and called my mom to ease her worries. I live right beside my parents. There’s actually distance between the two farm houses which is why I had to ask if she could see me outside. Her reply:

“No, I just know you.”

Her answer was perfect.

Dark skies, wind, thunderstorms, heavy rain, tornado watches (and warnings)…just another day in Michigan. As I type this, we are still under thunderstorm/tornado watches. I guess, the storms are one of the main reasons why I am still awake. I like to keep an eye on the weather during these watches and warnings.

Michigan has seen a little bit of everything as far as weather is concerned.  Mother Nature was busy keeping our lives interesting. There have been reports of tornadoes. In fact a tornado touched down in Portland earlier. From the pictures on social media and the news, the place resembles a war zone. Despite all the damage, no major injuries or deaths have been reported which is the best news to come out of all the destruction.

For my area, I noticed the birds and other wildlife seemed extra hungry prior to the beginning of the storms. I was told this is normal; the animals will eat early in order to take shelter later. I am going to have to do some research to see if this theory is true or not.

Until next time…peace


Late Afternoon Fox Sighting

I was writing this afternoon. I noticed a small brown creature run across my yard to the back field. Of course, my first thought was a dog. My parents have a VERY spoiled dachshund and they live next door to me. I thought maybe she had made her way down to my house or dad was out giving her a walk. But on closer inspection, I realized the brown colored animal was a fox.

A few years ago, I photographed foxes in their natural habitat. But I have never viewed any in my immediate surroundings. I was pretty excited to see her (or him, I don’t know the difference upon first glance).  I quickly grabbed my camera and was able to take just three photos before she scurried back into the wooded area.

Wildlife has been in the area more and more over the last few years. People blame the animals. I cannot take this same point of view. We are in a farming community (Please do not take this the wrong way, I respect all the hard work farmers do. My parents did farming when I was a kid. I know the long days that were put into the fields). The problem with animals is based from the clearing of their natural habitat. Large wooded areas are being purged and burned to make room for more farm land. When this happens, animals must relocate. I believe this is the real reason why I have been able to photograph so many different species in my area.

I personally get excited be able to photograph foxes, deer, and especially the little baby bunnies.

There were actually four little ones in the rabbit hole.
There were actually four little ones in the rabbit hole.

I have been informed there are coyotes in the area. I have not had a chance to photograph one of them in the wild. So, we will see as time progresses what other forms of wildlife are going to be around. Of course, I am writing this right now as the raccoons play on my front porch. They are pesky little creatures. But I enjoy watching them interact with each other.

Until next time….peace….


Early Morning Visitor

My morning routine is simple; I sit at my dining room table which is in front of my large sliding glass doors and sip my large cup of tea. As I watched out the window, I noticed a lump in the yard. Of course, I didn’t have my glasses on but my binoculars are always close by. The lump turned out to be a very large Common Snapping Turtle. She had come up from the Maple River to lay eggs.

I didn’t get a chance to photograph her laying the eggs. She must have been out there awhile before I even noticed her. By the time I was able to get out to her, she was already on a trek back down to the river beds. The site of seeing this creature wander across my yard toward the back where the river branches off into the creek line is amazing.

She is headed across my yard back down to the water. What a beautiful creature!
She is headed across my yard back down to the water. What a beautiful creature!

I wish I had enough knowledge to tell how old she was. She was covered in moss and algae. I found her to be absolutely beautiful. Of course, I did not get to close to her. Snapping Turtles are known for their rather fierce disposition other wards they bite. And, I am rather fond of all my fingers.

Until next time…peace

The Babies Are Getting Bigger

I love seeing the little babies all snuggled down by their parents. I cannot believe how big some of the little Canadian Geese are getting since the last time I spent photographing them.

Of course, the parents are still very protective of them. I always use my longer lens. I do not want to disturb them too much.

The little ones are getting bigger. I love watching them follow their parents around. It's so cute.
The little ones are getting bigger. I love watching them follow their parents around. It’s so cute.

Nature Brings Me Peace

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” -
John Burroughs

Last week was stressful. I allowed outside forces get the best of me. To get back my sense of being, I “unplugged” for the weekend. I mean don’t get me wrong, I still checked my email and social sites. But I just spent as much time as possible outdoors. The weather was perfect. Even though, there were some spots of rain on Sunday. I just needed a distraction from my thoughts which can be hard to do for a writer. I will admit my thoughts can lead to the most disastrous case scenarios imaginable. The thought process is great for creating new story lines but not for the reality of everyday life.

One of the greatest finds this weekend were these little baby bunnies. The bunnies were out in the field behind my house. At first, I thought there were only three in the hole which was covered with rabbit’s fur. But upon further inspection, I realized there were actually four. I did not want to disturb them, so I had to wait for them to shift around before I could get an accurate count. I have not come across little baby bunnies in the wild in forever. So, I found the sight to be a treat. Often the smallest beings can bring the most peace.

The Maple River seemed to blow gently in the wind all weekend. I can honestly say, spending time by the river gives me a sense of peace and relaxation. I think, I have to spend time outside to recharge myself. Taking photos and notes on the my surroundings tunes me into the natural world while given me a sense of internal peace.

I love all the variations of green that highlight the breezy wind.
I love all the variations of green that highlight the breezy wind.

Until next time…peace




World Environment Day

Today, June 5, 2015 is World Environment Day (WED). The theme for this year’s WED is Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care. WED is about bringing a worldwide awareness to the environment.

The smallest actions can have a lasting effect on the environment. I believe in “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Of course, I say this as I stare at a large pile of magazines that need to go to the recyclers. And, I always seem to forget my grocery bags when I go to the store. But I do try. How do you try to help the environment? Any suggestions?

For me, the biggest thing I hate is when I see trash along the side of the road. I was down by the Maple River earlier today to take photographs of the local wildlife. The baby geese have really grown in the past couple of weeks. You can tell that someone threw fast food wrappings out as they drove by. Tell me how much more effort does it actually take to take the empty wrappers to your house or throw them away at the next gas station?  Littering up the road side takes away the natural beauty of the environment.

I think Dr. Jane Goodall says it best: “I dream of a world in which people learn to live in peace & harmony with each other & with the natural world”. I cannot express how much I agree with her.

Until next time…peace.