Have a Party With Your Bear Day

Today, November 16, 2015 is “Have a Party with Your Bear Day.” I love these unofficial holidays. I use love sitting up my bears to have a party inside a homemade tent. Spending time outdoors in the tent was the best part of lazy days of summer. My mom would help me construct the tent over the clothes line with three old blankets- two for the side and one for the floor. I would stay out there for hours.

I had tree bears that were my favorite toys. Let me tell you, these bears were well-loved. Two of the bears- a fuzzy brown bear and a Polar Bear were gifts from my grandparents when I was just born. The other brown bear was actually something I won. (Honestly, I think the stuffed bear is the only thing I have ever won).

The local bank was having a contest where you could get a key to try and unlock a small treasure chest. There was no age limit to participate. Can you imagine my excitement when my key unlocked the chest? Inside the chest were a variety of little white envelopes. I can imagine trying to figure out which one to pick. But I finally decided to pick out the one in the middle. I remember, everyone telling me the other envelopes were probably cash prizes. But I didn’t care; I had the best prize, a new brown bear. My best friend from childhood, JJ was with me at the time which makes the memory even better. (He died of cancer when we were 14). On the way home, we placed the bear between us in the backseat of the old van. We thought we were the greatest.

I was so excited to get the bear to go with my other two; the brown bear was their new friend. I remember, spending the entire next day outdoors in my tent. I mean, my bears and I were having a party. My peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Kool-Aid was a fancy party meal.

I still have all three bears. They are sitting on my dresser still watching over me after all these years.


Happy Mother’s Day

A special shout out to all:

the mothers, grandmothers, foster moms, stand in moms, and fathers doing double duty.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

You are all doing a wonderful job.

My mother was over earlier. My parents live right next to me. I am able to see them both on a daily basis. Finding the right gift for my mom is difficult, she pretty much has everything she wants. But I did get her a garden ornament for her flower bed.

When I was younger, my mother made sure my siblings and I had fun times especially on summer vacation. We may not have had a lot of extra spending money but she would encourage us to be outdoors. (I think it was just so she could have peace and quiet in the house).

We (along with my cousins) would go to local play parks or head to up to go swimming in the man-made lake in our local community. Spending every day in motion filled our time off from school. Swimming, bike riding, skate boarding, or just playing on the farm filled our days. Hide and seek filled our late summer evenings. Mom knew where we all were; there was always extra kids around. Actually, there still is extras around their house on weekends.

She would build blanket tents on the clothes line. I would spend hours inside the tent.  On other occasions, she would create a treasure map for me to follow around the farm. Being outdoors fueled my imagination and gave me my start for the love of nature.

The smallest gestures have a long, lasting impact.

So for my mother, Happy Mother’s Day!

Until next time…peace.