Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  As a child, my mother would take my siblings and me to go trick-or-treating with my cousins in town. No matter what, there would always be a group of us together. My mom and aunt were always nearby to supervise.

Our customs were either handmade (sometimes at the very last minute), hand me downs from older cousins, or garage sale finds. None of us thought anything of it, we were just there to have fun and get candy. We would travel for blocks and blocks. Until we were all so tired, we wanted to head back to my aunt’s house to warm up. Often, we wore out before the ending siren blew.

Back at my aunt’s house, we would gather in the living room to exchange candy, drink hot cocoa and eat no-bake chocolate cookies. My mom and aunt would always inspect each bag to ensure the candy was edible. I think, they would sneak many pieces for themselves during the inspection process.

My Halloween’s are less eventful now. What can I say? I enjoy the comfort of my fireplace. But I still carve pumpkins and hand out goodies to trick-or-treaters who venture out my way.

This is my pumpkin by the door way.
This is my pumpkin by the doorway.

Did you celebrate Halloween? Do you now? What is your favorite Halloween memory?

Happy Halloween!

Until next time……peace


National Pumpkin Day

Today, October 26, 2016, is National Pumpkin Day. As soon as the cold air begins to settle in here in Michigan, everyone goes crazy over pumpkin-flavored foods and beverages. I personally tried a pumpkin spice latte which was okay. But I admit I am still hot tea type of person.

Since today is National Pumpkin Day, I decided to look up different facts about pumpkins.

According to the Pumpkin Patch, pumpkins are actually a good source or potassium and Vitamin A. No wonder, Pumpkin Juice was so popular at Hogwarts. Along with vitamins, the facts about pumpkins are very interesting.

  • The flowers on a pumpkin plant are actually edible.
  • Weighing over 350 pounds and five feet in diameter, the largest pumpkin pie required six hours of baking time. Requiring 80 pounds of cooked pumpkin, 36 pounds of sugar, and 12 eggs, the largest pumpkin pie was a sight to see. I think the large pumpkin pie would satisfy anyone’s craving.
  • Pumpkins were actually referred to as “isqoutm squash: by Native Americans.
  • Pumpkins are part of the gourd family
  • According to Guinness World Records, the largest pumpkin weighed in at 2,323 pounds (1,054 kg). I cannot imagine trying to turn that large of a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern.

Wondering how to celebrate National Pumpkin Day? How about carving pumpkins? I currently have three pumpkins on my porch. My favorite one is small, orange and bumpy. I am sure it’s more along the gourd variety than a pumpkin. I just love it for the oddness. I have not found the inspiration to carve them yet. But who knows, maybe with National Pumpkin Day, I will.

Until next time…peace



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