Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  As a child, my mother would take my siblings and me to go trick-or-treating with my cousins in town. No matter what, there would always be a group of us together. My mom and aunt were always nearby to supervise.

Our customs were either handmade (sometimes at the very last minute), hand me downs from older cousins, or garage sale finds. None of us thought anything of it, we were just there to have fun and get candy. We would travel for blocks and blocks. Until we were all so tired, we wanted to head back to my aunt’s house to warm up. Often, we wore out before the ending siren blew.

Back at my aunt’s house, we would gather in the living room to exchange candy, drink hot cocoa and eat no-bake chocolate cookies. My mom and aunt would always inspect each bag to ensure the candy was edible. I think, they would sneak many pieces for themselves during the inspection process.

My Halloween’s are less eventful now. What can I say? I enjoy the comfort of my fireplace. But I still carve pumpkins and hand out goodies to trick-or-treaters who venture out my way.

This is my pumpkin by the door way.
This is my pumpkin by the doorway.

Did you celebrate Halloween? Do you now? What is your favorite Halloween memory?

Happy Halloween!

Until next time……peace


Lazy Summer Days

In mid-Michigan, the last couple of days has been warm. I mean, the state is being declared a moderate drought zone. Now normally, I don’t mind the heat. But, the added humidity just seems to drain all my energy. So, I have been rather….lazy. Well, lazy for me.

Spending most of my days indoors with the comfort of the fans. I don’t have air conditioning which is an investment I may have to make at some point. I have managed to catch up on some social media networking and writing. And, I even picked up a book for some afternoon reading. So, I guess the warmer days have some benefits. I don’t really want to complain. Because I know in a few months, we will have snow.

But toward the evening hours, I tend to wander outdoors. The one aspect I have noticed, the wildlife seem to be having lazy summer days too. The bullfrogs float in the shallow water along the creek bed’s edge.

I have spotted turtles just lazily floating along. Diving down for a quick cool off and coming back up to the surface to float again.



Little turtle floating along the river's edge.
Little turtle floating along the river’s edge.

The forecast is calling for continuous warm days with a chance for a rain shower at some point. I am absolutely convinced if a rain shower occurs, I will be outdoors standing in the middle of the downpour.

Until next time…..peace

Nature’s Wonder

I find nature both amazing and intimidating at times. I cannot enter into a wildlife area without seeing something new. During this time of year, I tend to spot first-time blooms. The wild Iris flowers offer a beautiful site among the greenery.

Wild Iris Blooms

The hatching of a new batch of dragonflies. Every time I see dragonflies flying just above the tall weeds in the field, I imagine fairies lurking about watching me photograph the natural scenes.


Two days ago, I came across a new site in the deeper part of the woods. Usually, the area is still under water this time of year. The Maple River cuts off and runs into the back creek. The warm weather caused the water to dry up faster. Certain areas are still damp and mushy. Yes, mushy is my new word of the day. In any event, the water snails had nowhere to go for water. They attempted to “climb” the trees which were still very moist from being underwater. Unfortunately, without the correct amount of water the snails died. Leaving only their shells behind on the trees. Yes, I know they are not technically called water snails. I am not certain of their correct name. I just found the site of the snails interesting and sad. They were just searching for water.

The snails still attached.
The snails still attached. I am not certain how long they will stay there. I was actually quite surprised that nothing came along and ate them. 
Snails on the trunk of the tress.
Snails on the trunk of the tree. The first time, I had every seen this type of phenomenon. 


I hope everyone finds nature as intriguing as I do.

Until next time, peace…..

Last Night’s Sunset

The strange weather has been the topic here in mid-Michigan the last few days. The below normal temperatures are preventing farmers from getting their fields planted.

Yesterday began with rain and ended with rain. The extra rain keeps the fields very wet. But, there were moments of sunshine in between. My yard is starting to resemble a small lake. At least, all the wildlife are enjoying the extra ponds. The birds were out bathing themselves and searching for food.

The sun was out for most of the day today. As the evening began to usher in, the temperatures dropped, the wind picked up and the rain returned. Tomorrow, I cannot believe the forecast….rain with a chance of snow mixed in. Is it really May? Of course, it is Michigan. We all should be use to the changing weather by now.

Until next time…peace

Buzzard’s Day

March 15, 2016, has been named Buzzard’s Day. Here in Michigan, we have Turkey Buzzards or otherwise known as Turkey Vultures.

When the water down on the river flats goes down, carp and other aquatic wildlife are trapped in shallow pools.  As the pools dry up, the fish die leaving plenty of decaying food behind for the buzzards to enjoy.

The large black birds are fascinating to watch. I have witnessed up to 20 in my backfield at one time. The birds have up to six-foot wingspan which provides quite a sight when they are all leaving the ground. One of the most noticeable features are the reddish heads. Some seem to have a dull reddish color where others are bright red. I cannot tell you the distinction in the varying colors.

I love how they perch themselves on top of my old barn.
I love how they perch themselves on top of my old barn.

Most people find Turkey Vultures to be ugly or an unsightly bothersome bird. I find the large birds to beautifully unique. Of course…I have always been the odd one.

Until next time….peace



38th Division Band

I can honestly state, I know little about the 38th Division Band. The Internet provides some information. But I cannot find a site to inform me about names or performances during the 1940’s. I will keep looking, I always do.

The back of this print reads, “This is our 38th Div. Band. 170 men and the drum major. The 37th Div. Band of 100 men is waiting on the sidelines. Picture taken before game, before much of a crowd had come.”

Written in pencil below the explanation of the photo is ” Rec’d. Jan. 7, 1942″.

The back of the photo contains a stamp, Hammond Photo Service, Meridian, MISS. with the date Dece. 30, 1941.

I am assuming a young person from the military attended the performance and game. The photograph was taken and sent back home to a loved one.  If I find anymore in the box relating to this photo, I will post it.

Until next time….peace

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Don’t worry; I have no intentions of putting any spoilers in my blog. Even though, I am sure the Internet is full of them by now. My only opinion of the movie: Epic! I actually think the entire show exceeded my original expectations.

I originally wasn’t going to see Star Wars until later in the week. But my sister messaged me, “If we get tickets, do you want to go?” Seriously was that really a question. I was absolutely certain they would be sold out. But she managed to get tickets for the 12:55 pm showing for yesterday.

We arrived early. In fact, we were about the third group in line. As we sat on the floor of the NCG Cinemas, others began to join us. The conversations between complete strangers made the entire Star Wars movie experience better. We discussed everything from X-Men to Dr. Who. Theories were analyzed. Yes, I felt right at home. I have to say, 2016 is going to be a great year for new movie releases.

Even though all of us came from different backgrounds, we had one common thread: our love for good, quality movies. Here we were all total strangers, enjoying deep conversations about various movies. I find the entire concept inspiring.

“May the Force Be With You”

Until next time….peace

Operating Room Nurse Day

Today, November 14, 2015, is Operating Room Nurse Day. I give all nurses in the world my highest regard. I know I could never perform the job in a satisfactory manner. I am just too nervous of a person.

My great aunt, Flossie was a surgical nurse for part of her career. Her nursing career was inspired by my grandfather. When he was younger, his fingers were taking off in an accident. My aunt Flossie accompanied him to the doctor. She was curious not squeamish during the care of my grandpa’s injured hand. She was able to watch the entire procedure. The doctor told her; she should become a nurse.

Flossie working in Detroit
Flossie working in Detroit

And that is exactly what she did. She said, “The experience was the best time of her life”. She received her nurses training, than started out in Detroit. Where she worked for about four years until she came back to Clinton Memorial Hospital in St. Johns, Michigan, the hospital is where she would work until retirement.

Flossie with one of her smallest patients.
Flossie with one of her smallest patients.

The nurses lived together, traveled together and worked together. They were her second family throughout her career and after retirement.

Flossie with her fellow nurses
Flossie with her fellow nurses

I always admired her occupation. I admire anyone who does the job today.

Until next time…..peace

30 Days of Thanks-Day 11-Veterans

Today, November 11, 2015, I am thankful to all who have served in the military. I may not always agree with the politics. But I respect anyone who serves our country. My father served two tours of during the Vietnam conflict. He rarely discusses his time there. He always says, “when my country called, I went, and when I was done that part of his life was over.”

So, Happy Veteran’s Day to all who served including my dad!

Until next time…peace

30 Days of Thanks

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing

it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

William Arthur Ward

So I was asked to participate in a couple different challenges for the month of November. The first one is the “30 Days of Thanks” challenge. The basic concept behind the challenge is to give thanks to all your blessings throughout the month of November. The reason for November is for the Thanksgiving holiday. Even though, I personally feel you should be thankful every day of the year for what you have in your life. I do like the idea of dedicating a whole month to recognizing specific details.

Day 1

I am thankful for my house and where I live. My house is old. Like any old house, the place has some issues. The old structure could use a new roof and a fresh coat of paint. But, I still love the old place. I have wood fireplace that I absolutely enjoy during the cold, winter months of Michigan. One of the best parts of where my house is located; my parents’ house is right next door. I get to see them on a daily basis.

So, is anyone else out there participating in the challenge? I would love to hear (or read) your daily thanks.