May Ray Day

Today, May 19th is considered to be May Ray Day. I had to research this “unofficial” holiday. I had never heard of May Ray Day. The purpose of celebrating the day is to get people outdoors and enjoy the sun rays. I love the idea of having an excuse just to go outdoors. For those who know me, I am advocate for unplugging and spending a little time outside each day.

Here in Michigan, the weather is not “May Ray” Day friendly. Yesterday, was warm and in the mid-eighties. Today is 20 degrees colder, cloudy, windy, and threatening rain. The weather outdoors is just gloomy all over.

At least, the upcoming Memorial weekend looks to be better which is good. Holiday weekends bring a lot of tourist travel to the entire state boosting the economy. I like the idea of families spending time together, getting outdoors and having fun.

Until next time….peace

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