Happy Thanksgiving

Like many other families, I celebrated Thanksgiving early.  My siblings and their significant others could not gather on the actual holiday due to work and other commitments.  We decided to get together last Saturday at my parents’ house.

Even though, the celebration was not held on Thanksgiving, we still all enjoyed ourselves. Honestly, I think just being together should be the focus of the day.  Life can change quickly; those who gathered around the table this year may not be present next.

As you sit down to celebrate the holiday today, remember to be thankful for what you do have. People often forget to enjoy the moment.  I am convinced there is always something to be thankful for, life should not always be about getting the bigger paycheck, the newer car, or even publishing your novel. Take a look around the table and be grateful for all that life current has to offer.

I am wishing many blessings to you this Thanksgiving.

May we all realize the most important things for which to give thanks.

So however you decide to spend the day, I hope you are blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Rebecca C.


I am still thankful for Thanksgiving; I get to spend the day with my niece and my parents.  We are cooking a small meal.  Then, my niece, mom and I are going to work on Christmas crafts.  I am truly blessed.

Introduction to My New Blog

I wanted to create a blog that’s about anything and everything.  On a daily basis, I write content for a variety of clients.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the pay as well as the ability to write and research subjects to my client’s satisfaction.  However, somewhere along the line I have lost my focus in my personal and creative writings. So, I am hoping by starting a new blog, I can find my inspiration to finish my book. I also want an outlet for whatever comes to my mind.  You are warned.

Besides being an avid writer which I have done all my life, I am photographer.  My favorite subject to photograph is wildlife.  I can spend hours outdoors as I try to get the perfect photo of a bird, spider or a breathtaking landscape.

Next to wildlife photography, black and white photography is my favorite artistic outlet. I love using black and white photography when taking photos of people.  Black and white photography gives me a chance to view more a person’s inner self.   I do plan to share photos with you as well.

I am an movie nut and a lover of good music.  Feel free to share your favorites with me.  I will watch or listen to either.  But, I will also give you my opinion.

Thanks for following my new site.

Have a great evening.

Rebecca C.