Another Spring Day?

Another Spring day here in Michigan.  I say this with a tone of sarcasm. Even though the weather is really typical for Michigan. I woke up this morning to snow.  Not much just enough to let me know the air would be cold and damp all day. In fact the snow has actually disappeared already.  According to the weather report, there is a promise of warmer weather coming in.

So, I took my own advice from yesterday’s blog and went for a walk. The walk was a bit “crispy” but I enjoyed seeing all the wildlife. I was able to view a magnificent Sand Hill Crane fly over the back property. She (no I don’t know if the crane was a female for certain, I don’t have that knowledge) was spectacular to watch. Her enormous wind span is such a sight. I could watch cranes all day especially when they use that low throttling call. I find their “song” beautiful.

The Canadian Geese were making their voice heard down on the river flats as I approached. I accidentally startled a small pair of wood ducks.  When I returned to my house, I noticed a small herd of Whitetail Deer (around 12) were making their way across the field. I am happy to see the wildlife returning to the area. As more and more wildlife becomes visible or heard, I know the warmer weather is fast approaching.

Take a Walk In the Park Day

Today is considered to be “Take a Walk in the Park Day”.  I am a big advocate for being outdoors. I think everyone should try to be outside on a daily basis. Even if the time outside is short due to the weather; get outdoors. Michigan can dish out some pretty cold, windy, wet, snowy, days.

I still find the need to be outdoors during those times even if my time outdoors is limited. I may just walk to my mail box or walk around the house.  On those days, where the weather will  not allow me to be outside, I step out on to my front porch just to view my surroundings. I understand everyone cannot do the same. Eventually, you almost become addicted to being outdoors. I have days where I just need to “unplug” myself from all my technical gadgets (which I love). I still carry my cell phone with me for emergency use. I put the ringer to silent.  Of course, I never go for a walk without my camera. Michigan has some of the most beautiful wildlife and nature landscapes.

I am lucky because I am near numerous areas where I can enjoy walking around on old paths and trails to view and photograph the wildlife. I live near the Maple River.  I can walk around the edge of the river flats to discover any creature movement. I have been doing this since I can remember. Despite being an adult, I still come home with my boots covered in mud. Oh well.

Despite the cold weather or hectic schedules, I still think you should take a walk in the park or walk around on a hiking trail. You do not have to be professionally hiker to enjoy the outdoors. Grab a pair of comfortable walking shoes and enjoy. A simple walk around the block can actually be beneficial to both you and your family.

Here in Michigan, there a numerous beautiful hiking trails and parks to discover and explore nature. In fact in most areas, parks are a short drive away. I know being outdoors can be difficult especially with hectic work and school schedules. But I do think making an effort to spend time outdoors is good for everyone especially for children. Plan a special day to go to the park.  When you walk around, point out the birds, let children explore the surroundings.  You may surprised by their questions or their need to learn more about their surroundings.


Is it Spring?

Is it Spring? Oh, I just love living in Michigan. To be honest I do love it here. The day started out with the sun shining; I thought the sun was a predictor for warmer afternoon. A chance for me to get out and walk around my yard; I have been thinking about what herbs and vegetables I would like to plant. But no by the afternoon, the wind picked up and the snow started to fall. What can I say, it’s spring time in Michigan. One moment the weather seems warm and the next I am building a fire.

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend. May your week be filled with peace and harmony.

Until next time….peace.

First Day of Spring

The first day of Spring brought warm, sun shine with over 50 degree weather. I love seeing the sun shine through out my entire house. Except for the sun actually reveals how much dust and cob webs my house currently holds. I guess a Spring cleaning day will be in my near future.

At least with the warmer weather that we have been experiencing here in mid-Michigan, I can get outdoors to photograph wild life. I do get out in the winter, but during the other season I love being outside as much as possible.

The photo I am sharing is a hawk.  I seen him outside my kitchen window (I cannot actually confirm he is male, I am guessing) flying in my field. Then, he dove downward to catch his prey.  The hawk stayed on the ground for some time until he retreated to the nearby tree.  I took this opportunity to photograph him.

I was actually standing on my front porch when I took this picture which is a bit grainy. I need to invest in another long lens. The hawk immediately knew I was there. He even looks like he is starring right at me in a couple of the photos. I guess my camera clicking was bothering his concentration. He kept moving from branch to branch as he watched my every move. Then, he dove down again to find his prey.  I watched him for a while without bothering him with my camera. I found his movements remarkable.

Well, Happy First Day of Spring everyone!

Until next time…. peace….



Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I just want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

After researching my mother’s family, I learned my great grandparents originated from Ireland. Mostly around the Dublin and Northern Ireland area, I would really like to go there.  So, I have made that a top priority on my bucket list.

I love the stories that I learned while researching their roots. There were different folklore past down through the generations that I found absolutely fascinating. The stories have provided me with a basis for the book that I am writing.

I am hoping with a little “luck of the Irish” my endeavor will be a success.



A Bit of Fantasy

I spent most of this chilly Saturday night working with some different photo software.  I love the relatively easy use of this type of software. I grew up in the era of film; I did go into the digital world of photography kicking and screaming.  What can I stay to this day, I still like my film camera. I know.. “GASP” but I always enjoyed the “magic” of developing my own prints.

But I do like the quick use of photo editing software. Tonight, I played with different textures and overlays. I enjoyed making the different, almost fantasy type extensions of my photos.

Sunset ReImagined

What do you all think???

The Ship


Until next time…..peace



“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.”  Henry Rollins

Winter has definitely come back to Michigan.  Today’s snow fall left me torn between the beauty of winter and the desire for warmer days. Like any good writer, I took advantage of the cold wintry day by accepting extra articles.  I got ahead of a couple deadlines which is a wonderful feeling.

For the rest of the evening, I will work on my personal writing while having the fireplace roar with warmth. I am grateful for winter days as I look forward to spring’s rebirth from the coldness.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Until next time…..peace….