Happy 1st Day of June, everyone! I hope the last 6 months of 2022 are good for all of you.

I spotted these two young does on the river flats. They were just as curious about me as I was about them.

The two were wading in the water coming toward me. But as soon as they spotted me, they just stopped. I could see them peeking through the trees at me.

Until next time…peace

A Herd of Deer

I was on my way home when I was fortunate to see this herd of deer. I think, there are 21 deer. I only took a few photos of them. I did not want to spook the deer while they were eating. We’ve been having very frigid temperatures the last few days. I am sure the deer were happy to find food.

Until next time…Rebecca

Natural Beauty

“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful-

an endless prospect of magic and wonder”

Ansel Adams

I was out walking around the backfield when I came across this young doe standing in the middle of the Queen’s Anne. The little fawn still has spots. I truly hope she grows more before the Michigan winter sets in.

Until next time…..peace

Babies Everywhere

“I am in favor of animal rights

as well as human rights.

That is the way of a whole human being.”

― Abraham Lincoln

I have been enjoying time away from my computer. Oh, don’t get me wrong I am still meeting my article deadlines. My editor would not be happy with me if I work was not in on time. But I have also been enjoying the warm weather. One great aspect about this time of year is all the babies.

But I have also been outdoors more enjoying the warm weather. With combating the weeds and viewing the everything nature has to offer, I just seem to lose track of time. One great aspect about this time of year is all the babies.

One great aspect about this time of year is all the babies.

Baby birds, ducks, and geese are easily viewable.

I believe this is a baby Sparrow. I have a hard time identifying babies.
I believe this is a baby Sparrow. I have a hard time identifying babies.

And, the tadpoles are so much fun to watch along the water’s edge.

I bet there's over a hundred of these little Tadpoles in the pond.
I bet there’s over a hundred of these little Tadpoles in the pond.


I have not been able to spot any baby deer yet. I have three does who visit my yard every night. I can tell, they are very pregnant. So, I am hoping I will soon see a couple of fawns.

Until next time…peace

From Today’s Wanderings

Originally, my plan for today was to mow the lawn. After I reached half way around my yard, I soon realized, I could not finish. The yard had standing water from the other night’s rain. So, I decided to do some wandering.

Being in nature and unplugging for a short time helps me stay creative.

This little frog was attempting to get warm by sunning himself on a branch.
This little frog was attempting to get warm by sunning himself on a branch.

Frogs and more frogs, and tadpoles….

Just floating along....
Just floating along….

On the pond’s edge

Tadpoles of all sizes were visible.

Some wildlife was harder to spot than others.

Hidden bunny

Who is watching who?

One of the does watching me.
One of the does watching me.

30 Days of Thanks-Day 5-Sunrises

“Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers

where I can walk undisturbed.”

Walt Whitman

Today, November 5, 2015, I am thankful for sunrises. What can I say, there’s something almost magical about watching the day being ushered in. The various birds sang to greet the sun as the glorious site was slowly revealed over the horizon. Standing in the crisp morning air with cold damp grass underneath me, photographing the sunrise was an inspiring way to start the day. I could hear the deer splashing down in the creek bed. The wild turkeys calling to one another. Nature is always vocal at sunrise before the interruptions of other humans on to their landscape.

Until next time…peace….

Mid-Day Break

Every day this week around 3 pm, this doe appears out of the woods. She spends her time walking around my yard. She nibbles on the grass. I stood and took over 300 photos of her today. When I brought them up on my computer, you can see all the different bugs mostly flies and mosquitoes on her. I am assuming she comes out of the woods to get a break from these pesky little insects.

With all the rain we have had, the mosquitoes are thick this year in Michigan. I had a very hard time pulling weeds the other day. I think the little biting insets were using my mosquito repellent as an appetizer.

Babe In the Woods

Beautiful sunny day here in Mid-Michigan!

Sometimes an early morning sighting can make your entire day. The fawn was just as curious about me as I was about her (or him). I am assuming she came out into the clearing because the mosquitoes and other pesky insects were bothering her.

She was the first fawn I have been able to photograph this summer so far. I was really happy, she just stood there.

Now, if I just figure out what the other noise was? The high pitched sound echoed in the wooded area.  The brush and other foliage is too thick for me to venture in there. I guess, I will have to put a trail cam up.

Until next time…peace

Another Spring Day?

Another Spring day here in Michigan.  I say this with a tone of sarcasm. Even though the weather is really typical for Michigan. I woke up this morning to snow.  Not much just enough to let me know the air would be cold and damp all day. In fact the snow has actually disappeared already.  According to the weather report, there is a promise of warmer weather coming in.

So, I took my own advice from yesterday’s blog and went for a walk. The walk was a bit “crispy” but I enjoyed seeing all the wildlife. I was able to view a magnificent Sand Hill Crane fly over the back property. She (no I don’t know if the crane was a female for certain, I don’t have that knowledge) was spectacular to watch. Her enormous wind span is such a sight. I could watch cranes all day especially when they use that low throttling call. I find their “song” beautiful.

The Canadian Geese were making their voice heard down on the river flats as I approached. I accidentally startled a small pair of wood ducks.  When I returned to my house, I noticed a small herd of Whitetail Deer (around 12) were making their way across the field. I am happy to see the wildlife returning to the area. As more and more wildlife becomes visible or heard, I know the warmer weather is fast approaching.