Vintage Photo: Hiking

I have zero information about this photo.

Here are my observations:

  • Obviously, they are in a mountainous area, but I have no idea about the location.
  • Their form of dress is almost identical. But I cannot completely tell if the two are both women or not. Perhaps, the outfits were fashionable at the time or a part of a uniform.
  •  I love their walking sticks. From my point of view, the walking aids look homemade.
  • I still think they are walking in the snow. Even though the two people have removed their coats or other forms of outerwear, the weather must be warm. Or perhaps, they are walking into the direction of the sun.

Tell me what you think? What do you see when you view the photo? Any ideas?

Until next time…peace

Vintage Photo: 16 Mile Hike at Maleas, Greece

With the stay-at-home order extended here in Michigan until May 15th, I have lots of time to sort through old photos and clippings. Now, this photo was found in my grandfather’s stuff. On the back in his handwriting reads, “Flossie’s friends.” Flossie, a surgical nurse, born in 1899 was his older sister.

The back of the photo provides further information in handwriting that I do not recognize.

“Coming back from a 16-mile walk to the top of the mountain at Maleas, Greece. November 1st, 1928.”

After a quick Internet search, I realize the photo refers to Cape Maleas, Greece which is absolutely beautiful. I have officially added the site to my bucket list.

What do I notice and wonder about the photo?

  • Other than the guns, I do not view any other types of provisions.
  • The man with the cap is smoking a cigarette which was normal for this era.
  • Who is taking the photo? Perhaps, the provisions and hiking gear is with that person.
  • They seem to be in good spirits after hiking 16 miles.
  • What are their names?
  • How did they know my Great Aunt Flossie?

Tell me what you think?

Until next time…peace



Things I Learned On My Hike Today

I love being outdoors; wandering around in the wooded areas has always been one of my favorite activities. So, here are some things I learned on my hike today.

1. In the back area, the Maple River breaks off into smaller creeks. One of these creeks are located on the back property. I love going down there to photograph wildlife.  Jumping over the small opening that leads to the creek was a lot easier when I was sixteen. I made the jump for the most part; I just got stuck in the mud. Oh well, my boots can handle it. I wouldn’t expect anything less for springtime in Michigan.

The Creek

  1. The smallest little creatures can cause me to jump if I am not paying attention to the trail. Yes, this tiny frog about gave me heart failure.

Frog in the Trail

  1. The flowers popping up all over on the dull, muddy grounds are a welcome sight. The small beauties stand tall against the last remnants of winter.

Wild Flowers

  1. The most unusual places can provide the biggest inspiration. I admit there are days where I could just spend hours sitting in the middle of the woods. (I need to remember to carry a note pad with me.) Being outdoors is good for my creative soul.

A Place in the  Woods

  1. The snakes are out. I am not really afraid of snakes especially this harmless Garter snake. But I am concerned I will accidently come across one that is just “not nice”. Growing I was always told about poisonous snakes, I think the stories are always in the back of mind. The only snake in Michigan that is poisonous is the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake. Or commonly known as the Michigan rattler is known to be a rare sight. But they do like the wetlands and the wooded areas which is where I frequent. I have never come across one in the wild.

Garter Snake Garter Snake

  1. I came across this wonderful pair of Canadian Geese who were not happy with my presence. They were both very vocal. I am assuming she had a nest nearby; I didn’t want to disturb her too much.


  1. Even in the muddiest water, there are signs of life.


I hope everyone had a chance to get out and enjoy the sun today. Now, the sky is beginning to cloud over; there’s a 90% chance of rain for the overnight. So, I am glad I was able to get out for a couple of hours. I can fill the rainy days with writing.

Until next time….peace

Take a Walk In the Park Day

Today is considered to be “Take a Walk in the Park Day”.  I am a big advocate for being outdoors. I think everyone should try to be outside on a daily basis. Even if the time outside is short due to the weather; get outdoors. Michigan can dish out some pretty cold, windy, wet, snowy, days.

I still find the need to be outdoors during those times even if my time outdoors is limited. I may just walk to my mail box or walk around the house.  On those days, where the weather will  not allow me to be outside, I step out on to my front porch just to view my surroundings. I understand everyone cannot do the same. Eventually, you almost become addicted to being outdoors. I have days where I just need to “unplug” myself from all my technical gadgets (which I love). I still carry my cell phone with me for emergency use. I put the ringer to silent.  Of course, I never go for a walk without my camera. Michigan has some of the most beautiful wildlife and nature landscapes.

I am lucky because I am near numerous areas where I can enjoy walking around on old paths and trails to view and photograph the wildlife. I live near the Maple River.  I can walk around the edge of the river flats to discover any creature movement. I have been doing this since I can remember. Despite being an adult, I still come home with my boots covered in mud. Oh well.

Despite the cold weather or hectic schedules, I still think you should take a walk in the park or walk around on a hiking trail. You do not have to be professionally hiker to enjoy the outdoors. Grab a pair of comfortable walking shoes and enjoy. A simple walk around the block can actually be beneficial to both you and your family.

Here in Michigan, there a numerous beautiful hiking trails and parks to discover and explore nature. In fact in most areas, parks are a short drive away. I know being outdoors can be difficult especially with hectic work and school schedules. But I do think making an effort to spend time outdoors is good for everyone especially for children. Plan a special day to go to the park.  When you walk around, point out the birds, let children explore the surroundings.  You may surprised by their questions or their need to learn more about their surroundings.