First Day of Spring

The first day of Spring brought warm, sun shine with over 50 degree weather. I love seeing the sun shine through out my entire house. Except for the sun actually reveals how much dust and cob webs my house currently holds. I guess a Spring cleaning day will be in my near future.

At least with the warmer weather that we have been experiencing here in mid-Michigan, I can get outdoors to photograph wild life. I do get out in the winter, but during the other season I love being outside as much as possible.

The photo I am sharing is a hawk.  I seen him outside my kitchen window (I cannot actually confirm he is male, I am guessing) flying in my field. Then, he dove downward to catch his prey.  The hawk stayed on the ground for some time until he retreated to the nearby tree.  I took this opportunity to photograph him.

I was actually standing on my front porch when I took this picture which is a bit grainy. I need to invest in another long lens. The hawk immediately knew I was there. He even looks like he is starring right at me in a couple of the photos. I guess my camera clicking was bothering his concentration. He kept moving from branch to branch as he watched my every move. Then, he dove down again to find his prey.  I watched him for a while without bothering him with my camera. I found his movements remarkable.

Well, Happy First Day of Spring everyone!

Until next time…. peace….



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