World Wildlife Day

Today, March 3, 2018, is World Wildlife Day. For me celebrating the day is simple…go outdoors. Stepping outside in the Michigan sun, I can hear the Sandhills Cranes and Canadian Geese in the distance. Their arrival reminds me Spring is on the way.

I can view the birds at my feeders. Each second, I am in nature reminds me of the importance of our wildlife.

Sparrow watching me.



So, I hope you were able to step outside and view Mother Nature at her best. If not there’s always tomorrow or consider watching a DVD on wildlife. One of my favorites is the Blue Planet series. 

Happy World Wildlife Day!

Until next time…peace

Winter’s Last Word

“I believe in the process.

I believe in four seasons.

I believe that winter’s tough, but spring’s coming.

I believe that there’s a growing season.

 And I think that you realize that in life, you grow.

 You get better.”

 Steve Southerland

The calendar may have officially ushered in the spring season. But, winter is still having the last word.

Social media is full of complaints of the day snowfall. Even though, I would love to see warm sunny days. I realize this is Michigan. This is normal. We always seem to have a “spring snow” around this time of year. I know everyone is impatient. Mother Nature seems to have her own time table.

Forgetting Mother Nature is in charge is always a mistake.

Until next time….peace

Autumn–Day 1 Photo Challenge

The second November challenge I was asked to participate in is a photo of the day. Well, I was actually asked to participate in two of them. So, I am going to combine them and pick one from a list each day. I cannot do every challenge.

Day 1 – Autumn

I know I have mentioned this before but Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love the clear, crispness in the year and the last dash of color that Mother Nature has to offer, before the region is covered in snow.

Autumn is a gorgeous time of the year.
Autumn is a gorgeous time of the year.

Stormy Day

Phone rings. The answering machine picks up. From the open window, I hear my mother’s voice:

“Stop taking pictures of the storm and get in your house. I refuse to explain to the doctor why you were struck by lightning.”

Yes, I went back in and called my mom to ease her worries. I live right beside my parents. There’s actually distance between the two farm houses which is why I had to ask if she could see me outside. Her reply:

“No, I just know you.”

Her answer was perfect.

Dark skies, wind, thunderstorms, heavy rain, tornado watches (and warnings)…just another day in Michigan. As I type this, we are still under thunderstorm/tornado watches. I guess, the storms are one of the main reasons why I am still awake. I like to keep an eye on the weather during these watches and warnings.

Michigan has seen a little bit of everything as far as weather is concerned.  Mother Nature was busy keeping our lives interesting. There have been reports of tornadoes. In fact a tornado touched down in Portland earlier. From the pictures on social media and the news, the place resembles a war zone. Despite all the damage, no major injuries or deaths have been reported which is the best news to come out of all the destruction.

For my area, I noticed the birds and other wildlife seemed extra hungry prior to the beginning of the storms. I was told this is normal; the animals will eat early in order to take shelter later. I am going to have to do some research to see if this theory is true or not.

Until next time…peace