Happy World Turtle Day

Today, May 23, 2020 is World Turtle Day. I love to photograph turtles. And yes, I am one of those people who will stop to help a turtle safely across the road.

This is a Blanding’s Turtle, the first time I had ever seen one in the wild.

A baby turtle swimming away after I let him/her go. The little turtle was found in a field that was being plowed. So I let the little one go in the back pond area.

The next photos are from a Snapping Turtle who came up to lay eggs in my yard. I photographed this beautiful creature at a safe distance.

She is headed across my yard back down to the water. What a beautiful creature!
I love her eyes.

Do you have a turtle story? I would love to hear it.

Until next time…peace

Nature Photography Day

I have always been the odd one. Now, that I am older I wear that badge proudly. One of my favorite pastimes is watching and photographing wildlife. Today, June 15, 2017, is Nature Photography day. I cannot be happier that an entire day focuses on the love of nature photography.

In my younger years, I would conceal my interests to be part of the group. Now, well, you may see me lying flat on the ground in front of a bug, turtle or sitting in the middle of the field to capture the perfect photo. I always love to watch people’s faces when I show them some of my photo work. Their expressions vary from amazement to you are definitely “off your rocker”.

When I am taking photos, I focus on my subject. The world simply disappears. Do not worry; I am too cautious to put myself in harm’s way. The invention of the long lens helps me capture specific scenes.

Turtles are my recent focus. During this time of year, turtles come out the swampy areas to lay eggs. I find the process amazing. Walking past my sliding glass doors, I noticed a creature slowly moving across my yard. The beautiful Snapping Turtle reminds me of a prehistoric beast. I can just imagine her large ancestors roaming the Earth. I also let my creative imagination work overtime. I recently intertwined a Turtle’s tale in my new children’s book. Time will tell if the story works well.

Until next time…peace

Happy Turtle Day!

Dating back millions of years, turtles are a wonder to watch in the wild. To be honest, I find all wildlife a wonder to watch.

I love her eyes. Snapping turtles always look prehistoric to me.

Today, May 23, 2017, is Turtle Day.

The little turtle swimming away from me.

What a wonderful idea to have a day to celebrate these slow moving creatures.

Until next time….peace

Early Morning Visitor

My morning routine is simple; I sit at my dining room table which is in front of my large sliding glass doors and sip my large cup of tea. As I watched out the window, I noticed a lump in the yard. Of course, I didn’t have my glasses on but my binoculars are always close by. The lump turned out to be a very large Common Snapping Turtle. She had come up from the Maple River to lay eggs.

I didn’t get a chance to photograph her laying the eggs. She must have been out there awhile before I even noticed her. By the time I was able to get out to her, she was already on a trek back down to the river beds. The site of seeing this creature wander across my yard toward the back where the river branches off into the creek line is amazing.

She is headed across my yard back down to the water. What a beautiful creature!
She is headed across my yard back down to the water. What a beautiful creature!

I wish I had enough knowledge to tell how old she was. She was covered in moss and algae. I found her to be absolutely beautiful. Of course, I did not get to close to her. Snapping Turtles are known for their rather fierce disposition other wards they bite. And, I am rather fond of all my fingers.

Until next time…peace