World Environment Day

Today, June 5, 2015 is World Environment Day (WED). The theme for this year’s WED is Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care. WED is about bringing a worldwide awareness to the environment.

The smallest actions can have a lasting effect on the environment. I believe in “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Of course, I say this as I stare at a large pile of magazines that need to go to the recyclers. And, I always seem to forget my grocery bags when I go to the store. But I do try. How do you try to help the environment? Any suggestions?

For me, the biggest thing I hate is when I see trash along the side of the road. I was down by the Maple River earlier today to take photographs of the local wildlife. The baby geese have really grown in the past couple of weeks. You can tell that someone threw fast food wrappings out as they drove by. Tell me how much more effort does it actually take to take the empty wrappers to your house or throw them away at the next gas station?  Littering up the road side takes away the natural beauty of the environment.

I think Dr. Jane Goodall says it best: “I dream of a world in which people learn to live in peace & harmony with each other & with the natural world”. I cannot express how much I agree with her.

Until next time…peace.

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