DeBar Hardware Store-1915

I purchased this photo from eBay. I did clean up the image.

Fortunately, the photo does have information on the back.


-W. DeBar Hardware Store

-Ashley, Michigan

If you look closely at the photo, you can definitely view different items from the time period.

-There are wash bins out front.

-A sign advertising Winchester is in the window on the left.

-Another sign is advertising fertilizer.

-There are oil lanterns for sale in the window.

-The horse is tied to one of the rails out front.

-There are advertising signs on the pole. I know one reads, “paints”. But I cannot decipher any other information.

I love this photo. I assuming the two men out front of the shop are the owners. Perhaps, the young man is a son. If anyone can tell me who they are, I would love the information.

What do you see when you look at the photo?

Old Buildings: Great Character

I love old buildings, they have such great character.  Being the history nerd that I am, I would love to know who lived in the house which is located on a farm.  Was the house big inside? Was there a family? But until I know the facts, I can only guess at these abandoned places in Michigan. I know farmers by land to plant crops. If old houses or other buildings are on they land, they usually go to ruin.

The buildings seem full of despair; they were once grand homes or barns.  Now, they are falling apart in deterioration.

Abandoned barn in Gratiot County, Michigan
Abandoned barn in Gratiot County, Michigan