Living in a rural community, I often view houses and other structures giving away to natural decay. I understand as estates go on the market, local farmers take the opportunity to purchase the large pieces of land. The extra acres allows for the planting of additional crops which in turn increases profits.

Even with the knowledge, I find the state of abandonment both sad and inspiriting. Imagining the previous owners through the decades, my curiosity always turns to stories. The farm houses make me think about large families surviving through the Michigan changing seasons. Other large grand estates make me wonder about holiday parties or fancy affairs. The deteriorating estates are still bringing a sense of worth through my own creative musings.

Old Buildings: Great Character

I love old buildings, they have such great character.  Being the history nerd that I am, I would love to know who lived in the house which is located on a farm.  Was the house big inside? Was there a family? But until I know the facts, I can only guess at these abandoned places in Michigan. I know farmers by land to plant crops. If old houses or other buildings are on they land, they usually go to ruin.

The buildings seem full of despair; they were once grand homes or barns.  Now, they are falling apart in deterioration.

Abandoned barn in Gratiot County, Michigan
Abandoned barn in Gratiot County, Michigan