Bridgeville Beauties: Butttonbush

I often hear, “it’s just a weed” or “it’s just a bug”. Despite their humble beginnings, I find everything in the natural world beautiful. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there a few critters that make me squeamish. Wild rats, did I mention rats? I know the irrational fear comes from reading too many history books about the plague.

My new nature series, Bridgeville Beauties highlights my finds in my area. The weeds, bugs, and critters of Michigan will be my area of focus.

Starting with the first one, the Buttonbush or Bush Willow is one of my favorite plants to photograph. Growing up to 12 feet, I generally find the white flowering bush near the creek line. The white flowers with spike-like yellow heads are oddly beautiful.

Attracting bees and hummingbirds, I find the Buttonbush to be a very beneficial “weed”.

A bee enjoying the pollen from the Buttonbush.

Until next time…peace

What’s the Sparrow Watching?

I was out taking photos early this evening. Being a cool Michigan day, I did not see a lot of wildlife moving around. So, I decided to spend time photographing the various birds that come to my feeder on a daily basis.

The Sparrows this evening drew my attention immediately. The little birds were all lined up on top of my feeder bar which holds various feeders, suet, etc. I could not see what the Sparrows were watching.  Yet, they would move their heads from one side to another. Of course, I just began snapping photos while I watched them.  I was instantly intrigued.

Once I was able to view the photos on my computer screen, I realized the Sparrows were actually watching little bugs. From where I was standing, there was no way for me to see the little bugs flying around them. I cannot tell you the type of bugs.  I barely can see them in the photo.  I just found the situation interesting.

I guess, you need a long lens and a computer scree to get a “bird’s eye view”.

Until next time…peace…