What’s the Sparrow Watching?

I was out taking photos early this evening. Being a cool Michigan day, I did not see a lot of wildlife moving around. So, I decided to spend time photographing the various birds that come to my feeder on a daily basis.

The Sparrows this evening drew my attention immediately. The little birds were all lined up on top of my feeder bar which holds various feeders, suet, etc. I could not see what the Sparrows were watching.  Yet, they would move their heads from one side to another. Of course, I just began snapping photos while I watched them.  I was instantly intrigued.

Once I was able to view the photos on my computer screen, I realized the Sparrows were actually watching little bugs. From where I was standing, there was no way for me to see the little bugs flying around them. I cannot tell you the type of bugs.  I barely can see them in the photo.  I just found the situation interesting.

I guess, you need a long lens and a computer scree to get a “bird’s eye view”.

Until next time…peace…

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