30 Days of Thanks-Days 15 & 16- Photography & Software

I am going to combine days 15 and 16 in the 30 Days of Thanks Challenge. For the last two days I have been working on photos for clients. Honestly, I am still in the process of finishing a project which is due tomorrow morning. I just needed to take a break from editing for a minute.

Day 15

First I would like to say I am thankful for digital photography. I mean, I started working with film. I was recently at a workshop and one of the young attendees did not know what the black 35mm film canister was. Yup, I felt really….old.

To add to the feeling of being old, I tried to explain the first camera I received. The first camera I ever used in a creative manner was given to me by my grandfather. The camera took 126 film cartridges. At the time, the camera was considered to be an older model. I was twelve; I thought I had everything with that old camera. Needless to say, digital photography is better in so many ways. However, I do still miss the film process.

Day 16

Along with digital photography, I love my photo software. Actually if you would have been in my house today, you would have caught me telling the program “That is not what I wanted to do”. Because, the program has a clear vision of what is in my mind. (Ha! Ha!). But at least with the program, I can save pictures that are not exactly the image I had wanted for my client.

Until next time…peace

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