A Moment at the River Flats

Michigan’s weather has been strange for the last couple of weeks.  There’s actually supposed to be a warming trend on Monday which could bring warmer temps around 48˚F; I want a white Christmas. I have very little Christmas spirit; I was hoping a little snow would get me into the holiday mood.  I know I should be thankful for the warmer weather, Michigan has seen worse with lots of snow and frigid temps.

We actually had more snow at the beginning of November.  Now the forecast is predicting rain. We were having some colder mornings; you know the type where the cold actually takes your breath away. Despite the colder days, I do like to get outdoors even if my time outside is short. Viewing nature during each season has helped me learn and understand the environment that surrounds me on a daily basis.

The main photo that I am sharing with you, was taking on one of those cold blistery days where even the air seemed to be frozen in place. Even though, the weather was less than desirable I wanted to snap some photos of the geese and swans that landed to rest down on the river flats.



The swan trying to keep warm from the blowing wind.




I love how the geese just walk across the ice to find an open water space.

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