Vintage Photo: The Kelso Funeral Home Girls Ensemble

What can I say, I love vintage photographs.  The photos give me a glimpse at a different time, a time gone by.  I cannot honestly say if these times were better or worse.  I really think that is a matter of perspective. The photos will sometimes contain names which I am always researching.  But, most of the time the photographs just reveal lost memories.

I take these old photos, slides or negatives clean them up as best I can with the use of digital enhancement.  I try not to lose the grittiness of the old prints.  I think that is what makes them so unique and interesting.

I recently was fortunate to come across some photos from an estate sale.  I love that the person that owed this photo wrote a story on the back.  Old stories are why I love finding these treasures.  Most of the photos that I get are a mystery.  But this one had background information. This is what the story reads:

   The Kelso Funeral Home Girls Ensemble began when Dorothy and all except Allene Rayburn & Polly Anna O’Neil were in the 7th grade.  In those days most, but not all funerals in Wellington were held in churches in the town.  This group was formed by Mr.  & Mrs. Jimmie Kelso to provide music for those funerals held in his funeral home-mainly because those people could not afford to pay for someone sing.  I shall never forget the Kelson’s & Mrs. Elliot for all they did for us.  As time went on we provided music for many functions-even performed on radio in Vernon, Texas. This was in the depression and none of the families represented here could have afforded voice lessons for any of us or the money to travel as we did.  Mr.  & Mrs. Kelso & Mrs. Elliot did that out of their pockets.  All of us dearly loved them and shall never forget them. “1986”—Dear Cora Clark Holton and Polly Anna O’Neil have passed away. 

Front row:  Polly Anna O’Neil (pianist), Dorothy Holcomb, Cora Clark, Allene Rayburn (Pianist after Polly Anna O’Neil

Back Row:  Betty Lou Blanton (?), Faye Moore, Mrs. Elliot (Director), Frances Nunnelly, & Virginia Blideao.



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