The Snowy Owl: Magical Bird

As many of you know I am a huge fan of wildlife, I could spend hours watching animals in their natural habitat. Today, I was able to view a Snowy Owl for the first time in the wild.  I was returning from dropping my niece and nephew off at school and I got a glimpse of white flying across the road. Of course, my curiosity was immediately peaked.  Followed by a leap of joy, when I realized what bird had caught my attention.  Snowy Owls are beautiful creatures.

I was disappointed with myself for not having my good camera but I still managed to get a picture of this magnificent bird.  My mom was with me in the car, we sat and watched her for a long period of time (technically, I cannot tell you if the owl was male or female.  I do not have the knowledge to distinguish the sexes).

The Snowy Owl was made popular by the Harry Potter series with the character Hedwig.  I can honestly tell you watching this breathtaking bird was magical.

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