The Joy of Christmas Cards

A diverse variety of Christmas cards spread out across the kitchen table, my favorite radio station is blaring loudly throughout the house. I am sipping hot tea as I glance down at my lengthy Christmas card exchange list.  I send numerous Christmas cards out each year (when I say numerous, I mean hundreds).   I even write little notes or long letters in some of the cards depending on if I get to see that person on a regular basis or not.  Enclosing a letter or decorating the envelope with stickers just adds to the overall creative process.

Since we live in technological world where social media provides an instant response to a greeting or letter; I have had people tell me that the tradition is no longer in style. In fact, I was told the tradition was a dying art. However, I love sending and receiving Christmas cards.  When a friend or family receives my card, I want them to know that I was thinking about them during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

The first Christmas card was given by Sir Henry Cole in 1843 in England.  John Horsely, an artist, was a friend of Sir Henry Cole and made the first design.  And, actually the design was criticized by some since the artwork showed children with a glass of wine.  I can only imagine what would have been said, if these critics could see some of the cards that are designed today.

As time went on, the sending of Christmas cards became more popular.  Some of the cards that were sent in the 1910’s and 1920’s were designed by hand.  The cards were decorated with art work created by ribbons, foil, and pieces of cloth.  The home crafted cards were given by hand since they could not be delivered through the post. I can remember making Christmas cards in school when I was younger to bring home to my parents.  I always used lots of color and glitter.

The Christmas cards that I send and receive remind me how delicate life can be at times.  I look down my list and realize that some of the people that I sent cards to in the past are no longer with us this year.  So, create a list, make out a card and let people know that you are thinking about them this holiday season.  Because the list may be reduced next year and you will miss the chance to tell someone that you care.

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