Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm

Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to visit the Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm.  Growing up on a farm, I love animals, I had never seen a reindeer up close.  The trip to Clare, Michigan was worth the extra miles.  The Reindeer Farm is great for photo opportunities especially if you have children. You can even get your photo done professional right there in the little gift shop area.




I was able to get my photo taken with Santa. There was no cost, you just had to use your own camera.  (please ignore my hair, the day was windy).


I went on a small wagon ride.  During the ride, I get to hear the story of Rex and Harley, the two Belgium horses who pulled the wagon.  Rex and Harley were rescue animals who were abused.  The two beautiful horses will pull the wagon for another season before being put into retirement.  Hearing the story and the amount of work the couple put into their horse ranch/farm made paying for the wagon ride a small gesture. (The couple keeps all the proceeds from the rides).



On the wagon trail, a tree was decorated which created excitement for the children on the ride.  I also loved the mom singing Christmas carols to her son as we went through the wooded area.  The little boy who I would guess was around three years old seemed a little apprehensive on the wagon being pulled by two huge horses.  The singing from his mother made him smile.




The area where you could view these magnificent reindeer had signs filled with information and facts.

I would recommend this little farm experience for all those who are in the area of Clare, Michigan especially if you have small children.


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