First Day of Autumn

 And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.

Oscar Wilde

Today, September 22, 2017, is the first day of the Autumn Equinox for us in the Northern Hemisphere. Right now in Michigan, the temperatures are over 90 degrees with added humidity for fun. Personally, the warmer weather does not inspire a fall like atmosphere.

Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the warm week. But I remember my grandfather and others telling me that warmer fall days mean a harsh winter.

I guess time will tell.

Happy Fall!

Until next time…peace

The Shortest Day, the Longest Night: Winter has Begun

As I am writing this blog, winter has begun.  Winter officially starts on December 21, 6:03 p.m. EST.  What exactly goes into figuring this exact time? The moment winter officially begins is when the Northern Hemisphere is the furthest distance from the sun.  So, as I say good bye to the shortest day of the year, I can welcome the longest night.  And, yes the day has been cold.

Even though the day was cold, I spent some time outdoors this afternoon.  When they came and harvested the fields, the water was high in certain areas which prevented all the corn to be picked. So, I went out to the back property and hand-picked two buckets of corn which I can use later on to find the wildlife.  Feeding the birds, squirrels and other little critters is one of my favorite pastimes.

I also trek around the back property and took some different photos.  I did spot about seven Whitetail Deer (Does), they were on the run. However, I like the fact that they are returning to the area after the hunting season.  The deer always hide down the river banks during that time.  I miss seeing them outback.

I know a few people will yell at me for this: I would like to see a little snow.  The snow does not have to be in large amounts.  I would like enough to at least cover the ground.  I would like a different contrast when photographing the landscape.  The weatherman still cannot state for certainty if we are going to have a white Christmas.  I would really like one.

Happy Winter Solstice!  Stay warm during this first official wintry night.