National Bird Day

Today, January 5, 2016, is National Bird Day. I love the fact that entire day is dedicated to these fine feathered little creatures. I love watching birds. I have been slowly researching the different migratory birds that frequent Michigan.

Truthfully, I enjoy watching all wildlife. But bird watching can be done from my dining room table when the Michigan temperatures drop. I have come to the conclusion they all have unique characteristics that act almost as a way to communicate with one another and all other living beings.

Right outside my porch, the tiny Sparrows are always visible. They spend most of the time at the feeder, especially in the winter. I have come to the conclusion they get their way by sitting on the nearby branch and staring at me. I know, they are probably not watching me. When the feeders are empty, I believe they sit there just to make me feel extremely guilty. Many people do not like the Sparrows, I enjoy watching them as they flutter around my feeders.

When a Bluejay arrives at the feeder, all the other birds leave. In the colder months, I put peanuts out there which seem to be one of the Bluejay’s favorite snacks. The Bluejays are usually very vocal when they are near.

Depending on the time of year, I have all types of birds at the feeder or nearby in the wooded areas. I plan to start a bird journal to document which birds are present on a specific day.

Mourning Dove on Porch
Mourning Dove on my front porch. The doves always eat the fallen seeds.
I really haven’t viewed too many Chickadees this winter.

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Well….Happy National Bird Day

Do you have a favorite bird to watch?

Until next time…..peace



One thought on “National Bird Day

  1. I also enjoy just like you to watch the birds at my feeder and in nature, I get mainly common housesparrows, great Tits, Blue Tits, collared doves and Magpies and sporadically Chaffinch, Greenfich and Robin.
    My favourite bird is the Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros), all this happens in Catalonia, happy new year!


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