National Flashlight Day

Can you believe there is actually an entire day dedicated to the flashlight? Today, December 21, 2015, is National Flashlight Day. From my research, I have found out the flashlight has actually been around since 1898 or 1899. David Misell had the flashlight patented on January 10, 1899. I guess, I didn’t realize the flashlight was that old.

The reason for the name “flashlight” was due to the fact the light stick’s batteries would produce a sudden “flash” as they died. The batteries did not last very long. Over the years, the flashlight has definitely improved.

In my childhood, flashlights were used as part of playing. I can remember being outdoors after dark with my cousins and neighbor kids. We would use flashlights to see during hide-n-seek or to tell ghost stories. I also slept with a flashlight by my bed. I would use the light to read by after everyone in the house was asleep.

I think one of my favorite memories is when the electricity went out. My mother hung a sheet. We used the flashlights as a way to make “hand puppets”. The simple ways my mother found to entertain us when we were bored.

Of course, I now use flashlights as a way to peer out into my yard at night. I always have some critter on my porch. Tonight was a very small opossum.

Until next time…peace

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