Dandelion: Weed or Flower?

when you look at a dandelion, what do you see? A pretty little yellow flower? Or a pesky weed? Obviously, I see a pretty little flower. I cannot help but see the beauty in the small little yellow flowers. When I finally see them growing out in my yard, I can safely say that the Michigan winter is official behind me. And Spring has finally been issued in.

When I was young, I would play outdoors for hours at a time. I would make crowns out of dandelions for myself, my dolls, and if my cat was being cooperative, he would get one too. Trust me, he did not always get one. Poor old “Sambo”, he was dressed up in numerous doll clothes over his life span.

Now that I am older (notice I did not say maturer), I love seeing the little yellow flower. In my grandfather’s belongings, I came across an old handwritten recipe for dandelion wine. My mother informed me that “under no circumstances do I try that old fool’s recipe” (Yes that is her father).  Of course the warning just make me want to try the recipe that much more. I did some research, dandelions have been used in all types of recipes including wine, jelly, and in salads.

Depending on the location, the dandelion’s flower head can vary in color from bright yellow to a deep orange. The dandelion flowering head is made up of hundreds of little smaller florets almost in a rosette formation.

When the dandelion finishes shining brightly, the flower head dries out showing the seeds for new life. The seeds are dispersed by a gently breeze.  Or when you blow on the flower to a make a wish.

So, next time you see a dandelion that has gone to seed; make a good magical wish.

Until next time…peace


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