Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!!

    Why celebrate Earth Day? I think for me, the question would be, “why wouldn’t I celebrate Earth Day?” As a lover of the great outdoors, I think we should all be aware of out impact on our local environment and the planet as a whole. If everyone would just take the time to participate in some small way; the overall impact would be great. I have seen firsthand how trash, pollutants and debris can litter up the local landscape, river and wooded areas. Begin in small ways by recycling plastic bags or magazines; there are drop off points throughout all communities.

Consider these other ideas that can be done as well; get the kids to help. Getting children involved with a variety of activities can help bring awareness to the environment and nature while having fun.

  • Pinecones and Peanut butter feeders.

I love to feed the birds. I think feeding the birds is both beneficial to them and myself. One way to feed the birds is by making little pinecone feeders. We use to do this when I was a child. We would take pinecones and coat them with a thick layer of peanut butter then add seeds. I actually still do this sometimes; I even add raisins to the mix as well. Then, I hang them in the trees around my house.

  • Go outside and explore.

I loved being outdoors as a child, I would spend hours exploring, imagining and having fun with friends and family. I still enjoy being outdoors today. Spending a day in nature is relaxing. I just grab my camera and go.

But I also enjoy just sitting on my porch and listening to the different sounds that nature makes. So, if you get a moment take a walk to celebrate Earth Day. I understand the weather may not be ideal. Here in Mid-Michigan, I actually saw snowflakes this morning. But if you are able, get outdoors. Even if your time is spent in the backyard, walking around the block or to a local park, there’s always something to see.

  • Collect nature items (but be cautious).

When you are out exploring collect little nature items such as small rocks, fallen leaves and acorns but at the same time be careful. Some items in nature are better left alone especially the poison ivy leaves. Also, leave flowers and growing plants alone. The joy is to watch these natural items grow. Go home and look up your new finds on the computer or in a book. Have the children make a scrapbook or design a keepsake shoe box to store items in.  The small keepsakes could spark a lifetime of interest in environmental sciences.

  • Take photos.

You don’t need a fancy camera to take photos of nature. You can give kids cheap throw away cameras or use inexpensive digital cameras. Let your children take pictures of whatever interests them. You can always print the pictures off and store in scrap book. Have the children explain why they took this picture. A simple trip outside becomes a keepsake.

  • Plant a flower or plant a tree.

If weather permits plant a flower outside or a tree, make the planting a yearly event. Here in Michigan especially with sign of snow, I cannot get outdoors to plant anything new. In the past, I have planted flower seeds in organic cups and let the seeds start to grow. Once the weather is agreeable; I have taken the little cups and plant them directly into the ground.

These are only a few ideas; there are many others that can be done. Start a tradition to celebrate Earth Day with a small activity. But get outdoors as much as possible; the benefits go way beyond viewing nature.

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