Beautifully Cold Morning

I am not sure if the words “beautifully cold” are proper together.  But those two words are how the morning looked to me. The last few days, the mornings have been cold.  The windchill has been in the negatives.  Mid-Michigan has warnings out, do not expose any part of your skin for more than 30 minutes or risk frost bite. Needless to say, I have been spending most of my time indoors.

I really cannot complain. I can deal with cold, there are many areas that are being hit with massive snow storms.  So, this seems to be mild compared to what Mother Nature could truly unleash. Anyways, I just stoke up the fireplace a little more especially in the evenings. The wind is colder during the evening hours, the extra heat is truly a blessing.  My house has been nice and warm the last few days.  My cats and dogs are pleased, I find them all gathered around the fireplace throughout the day.

During this cold snap, I have been putting extra seeds out for the birds and other little critters that visit my feeders. I think, it is the least I can do for my feathery little “friends”.  I love watching them around the feeders.  I can sit at my table, work on my book, drink my tea and watch the wildlife.

If you are in a cold snap, stay warm.

Until next time…..peace.


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