Vintage Photos: A Moment Caught in Time

I work a lot with old photos, negatives and slides. I am also beginning to learn the techniques to scan old 8mm and 16mm film reels. I find all of them to be fascinating as a way of capturing a moment in time.  A historical moment for families, friends and loved ones to look back upon with great memories which is why I often refer to my work as finding lost memories; a moment caught in time for future viewers. The photos go back decades.

So, where do I find my photos?  Honestly? Everywhere, I have purchased them at estate, garage and yard sales.  I have acquired some through auctions.  I have had numerous negatives just given to me.  People come across them in attics and old drawers.  They have no use for them.  So they pass them on to me which I am extremely grateful.

For those who do give me negatives or slides, I make a digital copy disc in return.  Perhaps, they have a family member who can recognize a person or place in one of the photos that I work on.  I work with old photos as a way to relax.  I know that sounds crazy, but I enjoy the process of bringing an old photo to life after numerous years of being idle.

You can check out some of my recent work at:

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