Introduction to My New Blog

I wanted to create a blog that’s about anything and everything.  On a daily basis, I write content for a variety of clients.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the pay as well as the ability to write and research subjects to my client’s satisfaction.  However, somewhere along the line I have lost my focus in my personal and creative writings. So, I am hoping by starting a new blog, I can find my inspiration to finish my book. I also want an outlet for whatever comes to my mind.  You are warned.

Besides being an avid writer which I have done all my life, I am photographer.  My favorite subject to photograph is wildlife.  I can spend hours outdoors as I try to get the perfect photo of a bird, spider or a breathtaking landscape.

Next to wildlife photography, black and white photography is my favorite artistic outlet. I love using black and white photography when taking photos of people.  Black and white photography gives me a chance to view more a person’s inner self.   I do plan to share photos with you as well.

I am an movie nut and a lover of good music.  Feel free to share your favorites with me.  I will watch or listen to either.  But, I will also give you my opinion.

Thanks for following my new site.

Have a great evening.

Rebecca C.


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