St. Johns Light Parade 2014

For many Black Friday, entailed early morning shopping.  I slept in.  I had actually gone shopping on Thanksgiving night; my mom begged me to take her.  Of course, I spent most of my time hiding down an aisle while my mom and niece searched for bargains. I am just not a fan of the chaos and the crowds.

Later in the evening on Friday, November 28th, I actually took time and went to the Light Parade in St. Johns, Michigan.  The little parade was fun; the cold not so much.  The snow did give the whole event an extra Christmas touch.

I really haven’t found my Christmas spirit yet.  I am not sure why, I usually have my tee up by now.  So, I have decided to attend local events in hopes of finding my Christmas spirit.  I thought I would share them with all of you.




Of course, the man of the hour:  Santa Claus makes his way down to the train depot.



Santa gets the key to the city to be able to deliver all the toys to the good boys and girls of the town. After all the key was presented, the Little Miss Mint officially started the holiday season by lighting the Christmas tree.