30 Days of Thanks-Day 13-My Mom

Today, November 13, 2015, I want to give thanks to my mother. Over the years, my mom has become my best friend.

I can always count on her to accompany me to a local event or try a new recipe to help me further either my photography or writing. Today, she even helped me with a recipe which is coming up in my last blog for the night. I enjoy the fact that she lives next door to me. She simply wanders down the road to my house.

Until next time…peace


30 Days of Thanks- Day 2

“Climate is what we expect,

weather is what we get.”

Mark Twain


Today, November 2, 2015, I am thankful for the absolutely beautiful weather here in mid-Michigan. Trust me this time of year, the weather can provide a mix bag of tricks. But today, the temperatures were almost 70˚F. The beautiful sun was shining most of the day. The gentle breeze made the last of leaves softly float downward as if to greet me as I was walking around outdoors. I could not ask for a more gorgeous November day.

I hope everyone enjoyed their day!

30 Days of Thanks

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing

it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

William Arthur Ward

So I was asked to participate in a couple different challenges for the month of November. The first one is the “30 Days of Thanks” challenge. The basic concept behind the challenge is to give thanks to all your blessings throughout the month of November. The reason for November is for the Thanksgiving holiday. Even though, I personally feel you should be thankful every day of the year for what you have in your life. I do like the idea of dedicating a whole month to recognizing specific details.

Day 1

I am thankful for my house and where I live. My house is old. Like any old house, the place has some issues. The old structure could use a new roof and a fresh coat of paint. But, I still love the old place. I have wood fireplace that I absolutely enjoy during the cold, winter months of Michigan. One of the best parts of where my house is located; my parents’ house is right next door. I get to see them on a daily basis.

So, is anyone else out there participating in the challenge? I would love to hear (or read) your daily thanks.