Station, Post Office & General Store

I have been working through a box of old negatives, images and other vintage papers that I recently purchased. I absolutely love doing this type of “work”. I honestly do not see this as work. I enjoy transferring everything into digital format.  I can enlarge pieces of the photo to view the smallest of details.

For example, the sign by the door (on the right of the photo) reads American Express Co., there’s another word underneath that I have not been able to clearly identify. I believe the word is “agency”. But I am not 100% certain.

The sign above the door reads PAR___, but I do not know the rest of the word. Under the sign is International Smokeless______. Hopefully, I will be able to find more photos in the box that will relate back to this one.

The door on the left reads Post Office. The other sign hanging on the side of the building reads, American Express Co. But, I cannot read the words under the sign.

I can see the number 39 above the window.

The back of this photo reads station, post office and general store.

I wish they would have dated the print.

Just another photo mystery for me to try and solve.

Until next time….peace