Red Apple Day

Today, December 1, 2015, is “Eat a Red Apple Day” or “Red Apple Day”. I absolutely love applies. I found the fat that whole day is dedicated to these delicious fruits is amazing. The apple comes in numerous sizes, flavors and shades of color which add to their wonder.

I actually have a few apple trees out in my yard. During prime harvest time, I use the apples to make homemade jelly and pie fillings. I love experiencing the delicious fruit in the middle of the winter.

When I was younger apple trees were climbing trees in my parents’ yard. My cousins, neighbor kids and I would spend summer afternoons playing in trees. We would even eat apples that were not quite ripe. To this day, I am surprised we never got sick. I also amazed at the fact, none of us got hurt. I mean would race to see who could reach the highest branch the quickest. And, have apple throwing wars. But for the most part, we would only end up with a few bumps and bruises. I did get hit in the nose once…yes….that hurt. But I survived.

Until next time…peace…

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