National Indian Pudding Day

Today, November 13, 2015, is National Indian Pudding Day. Is your reaction the same as mine? What is Indian Pudding? When I first read this, I had no clue what to expect from the recipe or how to create the dessert. So, I had to start with some research. The recipe is well known in the New England area, with the tasty dish’s history going back to the early 17th century. The dessert was served during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

I searched for different recipes and decided to make this new treat. For the people who know me well, they are fully aware I am not the best baker. I basically do not have the patience to bake. For the most part, I do know-how. I enjoy canning and processing fruits and vegetables during the fall harvest time to eat all winter.

After reading the recipe, I knew I was in over my head. I never even heard of the term “temper the egg” before reading the instructions. So, I did what I normally do when I cannot understand a recipe: I called my mother. She came over to help me. (By the way, tempering an egg means slowly adding the hot liquid to the egg mixture to bring the two different temperatures together).

Most of the recipes called for cornmeal, molasses, sugar, milk, and spices. So, my mom and I picked the one we thought would be simpler to make. The recipe was an older one, but the sugar amount was reduced. I did not want a lot of sugar in my dish.

The basic ingredients in this recipe plus sugar, flour and butter.
The basic ingredients in this recipe plus sugar, flour, and butter.

The ingredients start by cooking on the stovetop.

Mixing the ingredients on the stove top.
Mixing the ingredients on the stovetop.

After some time, the pudding takes over two hours to bake.

Going into the oven to bake for two hours.
Going into the oven to bake for two hours.

The final product was finished. I will admit the look of the pudding was not what I had expected.


But the taste was awesome. The recipe suggests topping with vanilla ice cream or heavy whipped cream. Well, I used the store-bought brand, but the final product was good. I am glad I was able to try something new. As an extra bonus, my mom was able to help share in this blogging experience.

Until next time…..peace.

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