30 Days of Thanks-Day 6-Mrs. Boardman’s Pics

Today, November 6, 2015, is the sixth day in the 30 Day of Thanks challenge. I’ve actually been enjoying reading everyone’s “thanks” or “blessings” posts.

Day 6

I am thankful for Mrs. Helen Boardman’s pictures. So, who is Mrs. Boardman? Well, honestly I have no idea. I bought these negatives from an estate sale years ago. On the outside of the envelope in the customer’s name section in pencil was the name: Helen Boardman (pics).  I have slowly been turning the negatives into digital images.

I wish I knew more about the people in the photos.

  • Who there were?
  • How was their life story?
  • Were they happy?
  • Did they get married?
  • How many children did they have?
  • Were they on vacation during the photos?
  • Has their story lived on?

I will probably never know any of the answers. I just enjoy the process.

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