Supermoon Thoughts

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon,

 my soul expands in the worship of the creator.”

         – Mahatma Gandhi

Did you get to see the super moon and lunar eclipse last night? Here in Michigan, we had scattered cloudy skies which made the event challenging to view.

However, I was able to view the spectacular event through cloud cover. The clouds would move away, I would catch a glimpse of the beautiful eclipse. Even with the massive cloud coverage and the inability to catch a clear photo, I found the entire night to be peaceful.

  • The stars would shine through the cloud coverage as the eclipse proceeded. A bright star appeared directly above me, I could not help but make a wish.
  • The inspiring nature only heard at night added to the spectacular event. The owls would hoot off in the distance. I would like to think they were voices their happy opinions of the night’s wondrous events.
  • I could hear the deer walking up the gravel road. Deer make a breathing noise, a snort. At first, they did startle me. But once I knew the approaching creature was harmless, I enjoyed the moment in nature. I had to remind myself… this was not one my stories and a werewolf was not approaching.
  • The one creature I was not able to identify was on top of my roof. I am assuming the critter was a raccoon or a squirrel. I could hear scurry back and forth as I stood outside my house. Of course, my imagination kicked into over drive and I was thinking of large gargoyles and goblins.

Despite of my over active imagination, the entire night gave me a sense of calmness.

Until next time…peace





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