Stormy Michigan







This was the very beginning of the storm. I really didn’t think much of it at this point.




After the Storm
After the storm was clearing, I looked up to see this bird flying by. The large bird was too far away for me to properly identify.
Dark Clouds Over Barn
The sky became almost black in the middle of the day. But the storm was not as bad as I originally thought it was going be.
Storm Clouds
My cloud fascination continues.
This part of the storm had me a little worried. But the storm just brought a lot of rain and wind.
Over the Trees
Love the Clouds
Moving across the back field


Michigan has been experiencing seasonal thunderstorms. I do not have the knowledge to state the proper terms. But basically, the weather is hot and very humid which when colder air pushes in creates the storms. I am lucky and grateful that none of these storms have caused any damage.

I have recently become fascinated with photographing clouds. Storm clouds are just another part of my new found curiosity. Believe it or not, the entire time I was out photographing the clouds, the rain held off. The clouds moved across the sky first. Then, the rain seem to follow behind. Absolutely fascinating.

And, yes….my mother called and left a message on my phone to “stop taking pictures and get in the house”. Some things will never change.

Until next time….peace always.

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