When We Wrote Letters

Before the electronic age, we wrote letters. Technically I still  write letters, I have pen pals all over the world which I communicate with via the “old” way. I like sipping on tea while writing a letter. I find the process to be a creative outlet.

I am a history fanatic. I am not talking about the grand events that everyone learns about in schooling. I am referring to the ordinary people who lived decades ago. I spend time restoring old photos that I pick up at yard and estate sales. I also pick up old scrap books.(I know, I am slowly heading to be a future candidate for that show “Hoarders”).

Anyways, I thought I would share a letter from 1934. I copied it out to the best of my ability; some of the hand writing was hard to read.

St. Johns, Michigan

May 21, 1934

Dear People:

Did the sand storm hit you tonight? We had just finish supper. I sailed around and closed up all doors and windows. It was fierce for a little while. It’s trying hard to rain but I’m afraid it won’t do a very good job and we do need rain so badly.

Alex sent me some cabbage and tomato plants. I sent them out last Thurs. night. I was out looking at them tonight. I see they are doing quite well in spite of dry weather. I must put in some more stuff. The lettuce and radishes are up and the onion sets are growing fine.

R.D. (?) has the silo corn in 6 acres. Then, he has about 3 more acres ready to plant and about 6 more acres to plow. The cement is all in and dry for the horse stable floor and the men are putting the stalls in. We keep the horses across the way in McPhearson barn. The old hog had 11 little hogs yesterday and she has 6 left so far. Dale took 6 pigs and a calf for us in his load last Mon. night. He got here about 12 p.m.

Morning 9:00 R.D. folks and Lydia Chas. and Pauline came last night so I didn’t have time to write anymore. We had been to bed about an hour when Dale and Yolanda (?) came popping in. She came after some bedding to take on their trip. Next Sunday night she is invited to a Mimanite (I think it’s supposed to be Mennonite) wedding so she probably won’t be home till Mon. night and by that time may be something else will pop up.

Well it’s a lovely cool morning after the storm. Not enough rain but it helped out a lot. When do you have Decoration? Donnalee said you have Augusta’s and Lloyd’s reception this coming Friday eve. I hope for the sake of your pocketbooks there won’t be any more weddings for some time. Does Augusta come to church?

There were just a few out to church Sunday here. Hardly as many as we have at home.

Does Arlene like her place as well as ever?

Guess I will have to wait till Donnalee gets home to get my flowers over there.

R.D. don’t have any time to run around and I can’t drive yet.

Wayne can but of course he can’t get a driver’s license yet. Well there is a lot of work waiting to be done so must get at it.

We don’t have to separate the milk anymore. Take it to the cheese factory every morning in the Rapids.

We are all well per usual and hope you are too.

Love to all

Lola B.P.

The Buch girls ask about you Saturday.  Yesterday Kaufman’s and the Lindsey’s called for about an hour. Mr. and Mrs. Hillyer were here Thurs. night for finger ? which she got. Yes, our kitchen is done. I guess this week I plan to do more cleaning.

Lots of Love



 If anyone is interested, you can find some of my photo restoration work here.


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