The Swans Are Back

I was happy to see that the swans are back. The return of the Trumpeter Swans reminds me that spring is truly here. I love listening to the swans (well, I enjoy listening to most wildlife).  But the chatter between the two swans have while swimming is fascinating.  The calls back and forth to each other is almost a low nasally honking.  The pair of Trumpeter Swans, the largest waterfowl in North America never stay in the area. I am assuming, the river flats are just a stop until they reach their final destination. But I do love viewing them every year.

The river flats surrounding the Maple River are high right now due to the rain. The rain is normal for this time of year here in mid-Michigan. I was disappointed to see my favorite hiking trail on the back property flooded over this afternoon. But I am sure the little wood ducks are very happy with the extra water.

Until next time…peace


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