Rainbow Above the Trees

Over the last couple of weeks, the weather here in Michigan has been extremely cold.  Actually between the negative temps and the bitterly cold wind chills, area schools have had to close down. I honestly do not remember any time where schools have had to close due to just the winter coldness.  I remember, school being closed due to the amount of snowfall but never freezing temps.  On a good note, Spring is inching closer every single day.

Needless to say, with the cold weather I have been hibernating inside next to the fire.  I have been trying to complete my book as well as keep up with my deadlines. I have done really well meeting article deadlines early (still had a couple rejections but that’s part of the freelance writing gig).

I was surprised to view this rainbow above the tree line tonight.  I am assuming the rainbow was due to the ice crystals in the air.  I loved seeing the brightness of the rainbow against the dull wintry sky.

Have a great night everyone.

Until next time….peace…

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