Crows: Fascinating Creatures

“Keep to Nature’s heart….and break clear away,

 once in a while, climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods,

wash your spirit clean” –John Muir.


The last couple of days were just cold.  The temps barely crawled out of the teens and the wind chill was always in the negatives.  Today has been a little warmer plus the sun is shining brightly which always seems to make everything seem more pleasant.

Since the weather has been colder than I really like, I have been spending my free time just driving around in my car. No matter what I do like to get out for a little while.  If I can’t get out and walk around, I will go for a short drive.  I originally was out to find Snowy Owls to photograph.  I know, they are in the area.  But I have only seen one. Of course, I did not have the camera I wanted to use at the time.

I did park my car at the public access to watch what types of birds were around.  The area was mostly quiet except for these Crows.  Now to be honest, I have always been fascinated with Crows and Ravens.  There is just so much mythology and folklore surrounding these birds, I can’t help but be interested.

Crows are very intelligent little creatures.  Here are some quick facts about the Crows intelligence.

  • Crows can remember your face.
  • Crows will often work together in a manner that is almost conspiring in nature. If there is an obstacle in the way of getting to a food source; Crows will work together to overcome the obstacle and achieve their goal.
  • Crows memories are so good; they can go to the exact location where they have hidden food away for later consumption. They actually will hide food in different places to get them through the colder months when food sources are scarce.
  • Crows actually have the ability to display signs of happiness, sadness and anger.

So as I watched this group of Crows (also known as a murder of Crows), I was wondering if they were watching me as much as I was watching them.


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