The Sun Started to Set, the Fog Began to Roll In

The weather almost reached 50˚F this afternoon.  Definitely a rarity for December in Michigan, the temperatures are supposed to slowly drop tomorrow as rain begins to move in.  But we may actually have a little snow on Christmas Day, just enough to cover the ground.  We will see if I get my white Christmas or not.

I originally went outdoors to photograph some birds.  My feeders were being overrun with Sparrows, Titmouses, and Black Capped Chickadees.  I love these diminutive birds; they seem to “chirp” at me when I just step out the door.  Trust me; they are all very vocal when the feeders are low.



After a while, my attention turned to the clouds.  They were just beautiful.  One person on my Facebook page describes the clouds as a “stairway to heaven.”  The stunning array was a perfect setting as the sun slowly began to sink below the tree lines.

b8 b9

As soon as the sun started to set, the fog began to roll in….sounds like a good beginning for a book.



The sun was already beginning to set in the above photo, but the clouds were still gorgeous.

Fog Rolling In


The fog rolled across the field, I actually watched the mist cover the ground.  I found the experience fascinating.



The sun was setting, but the fog just covered the bottom of the ground.

I am sure there are better more scientific words to describe the fog, the clouds and the sun.  But I just like photographing the natural world around me.



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