Happy World Turtle Day

Today, May 23, 2015 is World Turtle Day. I love the fact that an entire day is dedicated to turtles and tortoises. Turtle Day was established in 2000 in association with American Tortoise Rescue. The purpose of Turtle Day is to bring awareness to turtles and tortoises.

Turtle Facts

I thought I would share some turtle and tortoises facts:

  • Turtles have actually roamed the Earth for the last 200 million years.
  • Believe it or not, some of the first turtles had teeth.
  • Turtles can be found on every continent around the globe except the Antarctica.
  • Turtles can be as small as 4 inches to as large as 1500 pounds.

My Turtle Story

Since today is about celebrating turtles, I thought I would share the story of Herman (well, the little Painted Turtle could be a Jane). I honestly do not know how to tell. Anyways, Herman fell down into a ditch that was being tiled for farm use. I figured Herman was coming out of the field or wooded area to find a water source. Of course, we could not allow the little one to be buried.

I took the little Painted Turtle down to the pond. I could swear when I let little Herman go, he turned around stared at me. I know he was just swimming away. But I still like the idea that I was able to let the little one go.

The little turtle swimming away from me.
The little turtle swimming away from me.

How to Help Turtles

I think one of the most important things to help turtles is to decrease their demand. Turtles belong in the wild. If people continue to buy turtles or tortoises from a pet store, there will always be a demand. Learning to admire turtles in their natural habitat should be a priority.

Learn to advocate for turtles natural habitat. Get involved in environmental issues that may have a negative impact on turtles or tortoises. When habitats are threatened or reduced, a decline in turtle population would occur. I think the loss of turtles and tortoises would be a disgrace.

Until next time…peace

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